Zack and Tomika is the friendship/romantic pairing between Zack Kwan and Tomika.

Shipped Names

  • Zamika (Zack/Tomika)
  • Zomika (Zack/Tomika)
  • Tomack (Tomika/Zack)
  • Zackika (Zack/Tomika)


Season 1

in The Story Of Us (But More About Me), Zack and Tomika were sitting alone at the lunch table talking and laughing, but when Ashton, Zack's big brother, goes up and punches Zack, Tomika defends him by telling him her grandma hits better than that.

When Summer pretends to be all flirty with Zack, you can see closely that Tomika looked very sad

When Mr. Finn said it was pajama day, Zack and Tomika together and ask if he was wearing pajamas (they were walking together by themselves)

In We Can Be Heroes, Sort Of, Zack complimented Tomika with her new style.He said to Tomika that they would do anything for her.

Season 2

In Changes, Zack had a daydream about being a rockstar. Summer had been calling Zack's name and told him he signed the back of her head. Tomika then yells out, "Boom! You've been Zacked!" Then Zack looked embarrassed, indicating that she's his crush.

In Brilliant Disguise, The whole band was assigned a part at the dance. When Clark starts chanting school of Rock, he watches very closely to find clues. As you may see Zack and Tomika were together, but Tomika's part was somewhere else.

In Truckin', Tomika tells Zack she loves the jackets at the end.

In Voices Carry, Zack and Tomika hug at the end, but they don't hug anyone else.

In Is She Really Going Out with Him, When Zack arrives inside the classroom, Tomika compliments him about his hat. He then tries to act chill about it, but fails.

In Don't Let Me Be Misunderstood, Zack and Tomika write a love song together. They both end up kissing each other which leads to them being very awkward with each other. Tomika finally reveals to Zack that she doesn't love him and he tells her he doesn't love her too. Zack and Tomika than both comment that they were each others first kisses and how it was special, hinting that there may be feelings starting to build up. They perform a song "This Isn't Love".

Season 3

In Do You Want to Know a Secret?, Tomika was about to hug Summer but when she didn't want a pity hug, Zack does, but Lawrence hugs him instead.

In Leader of the Band, Zack was agreed that Tomika Rocks. They fight a Lot in that episode. Later, they fist bumps when they band apologized. At the end of episode, Zack hold Tomika's wrist when they celebrate and they were very close each other.

In Not Afraid , Zack was the first one to notice that Tomika was missing and left with the band to go back to the van. When the band was walking in, Zack and Lawrence were both holding Tomikas arms and had their feet strapped together to help her walk, as she was asleep while wearing Lawrence's glasses. Tomika was closer to Zack while he held her arm and Zack had his arm around her shoulders. Zack also helped Summer help Tomika up after she fell on the floor after Zack and Lawrence let go of her to high-five each other. Zack decided to go and get Tomika a energy drink before they perform. Zack arrived and revealed that he drank the energy drink he got for Tomika to get back. When Tomika is falling asleep on the microphone, Zack tells Summer to help her. When Tomika wakes up and Erika wants them to play the song school of rock style, Tomika tells Zack to follow her lead and the rest of the band gets back on the stage and perform.

Similarities and Differences


  • Zack and Tomika are both in Mr Finn's class at William B. Travis Prep School.
  • They both sing in the band. It is usually only Tomika but Zack often does backup vocals along with Summer.
  • They both play the guitar.
  • Both have older brothers.
  • Both likes comic books.
  • Both share their first kiss with each other.
  • Both can write songs.


  • Tomika is a girl; and Zack is a boy.
  • Zack plays electric guitar; Tomika plays bass guitar.
  • Tomika's best friend is Summer; Zack’s best friends are Lawrence and Freddy.




  • After their first kiss, their relationship change a lot
  • Both write some songs together
  • Both smiled each other a lot
  • Their best friends (Summer is Tomika’s best friend and Freddy is Zack’s best friend) have dated.
  • They had the first kiss of the series, while Freddy and Summer had the last kiss of the series.
    • Both kisses were during a season finale. Season 2 for Zomika and Season 3 for Fremmer.
  • They are the second most shipped pairing of School of Rock.
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