Dude. I went right after you!
—Zack to Lawrence Dooley about going right after him on the water slide.

Zachary "Zack" Kwan is a main character on School of Rock. He is one of the electric guitar players of the School of Rock band, and a student at William B. Travis Prep School.

He is portrayed by Lance Lim.


Lance Lim ("Growing Up Fisher") as "Zack", a reserved child of overbearing parents, who comes out of his shell as the band's electric guitarist. He walks the line between fearing the consequences of breaking the rules and embracing the independence that Dewey encourages. Zack is a good friend to all, and with the confidence he gains from the band he makes the choice to become his own man instead of a "Yale man". For example, in We're Not Gonna Take It, Zack gets caught by his dad playing his electric guitar in his room instead of practicing classical guitar. His dad talks to Principal Mullins and takes Zack out of Mr. Finn's class and moved him to Mr. Fox's class. After Zack gets caught jumping out of the window to join Mr. Finn's class, Mr. Kwan comes and talks with Zack about his rebellious attitude and Zack stood up for himself for the first time. Zack says that Mr. Finn had a big influence on him and taught him to not be afraid to stand up for what you believe in.


Zack has some of the best guitar skills in school. He’s also got some of the strictest parents, which isn’t the best combination for a wannabe rock ’n’ roller. He’s often torn between following orders and breaking the rules but luckily, he’s great at talking his way out of trouble!



Good Friend/Kissed

Main Article: Zack and Tomika

Zack and Tomika are close friends. During, Don't Let Me Be Misunderstood, they accidentally kissed and believed that they liked one another. However, that was not the case, but their epiphany may have suggested that feelings may have been building up.

Summer Hathaway

Good Friend/(Fake) Ex-Girlfriend

Main Article: Summer and Zack

Summer and Zack are good friends. In The Story of Us (But More About Me), Summer enlisted Zack to be her boyfriend so that she could write a song about a breakup. Zack was hesitant but after realizing that his brother, Ashton, would stop punching him if he were in a relationship, he was supportive of their 'relationship'. It lasted for a half-hour before Summer ended things. Summer and Zack have been friends since then.

Freddy Huerta

Best Friend

Main Article: Freddy and Zack 

Freddy and Zack have been best friends since childhood. They always have each other's back, even when the going get tough and temptation takes the boys elsewhere.

Lawrence Dooley

Best Friend

Main Article: Zack and Lawrence

Zack and Lawrence are best friends. Even though Zack sometimes uses Lawrence for his business exploits, they can always look to each other for help and guidance.


  • Although in the original movie Zack's last name was Mooneyham, it was said that in the series, his last name is Kwan (We're Not Gonna Take It).
  • He is right-handed.
  • His routine after school is as follows: studying from 4-7 PM, a light dinner, formal dancing lessons, and more studying until bedtime.
  • He has a pet goldfish named Luther, as mentioned in the episode, We're Not Gonna Take It.
  • Zack have a wide knowledge about business and negotiations.
  • In the episode, Photograph, it is revealed that all photos of Zack on his family's mantlepiece have gone wrong. 
  • In the movie, Zack was white and his father was very strict.  
  • Although Zack never officially dated on the show, he faked a relationship with Summer and accidentally kissed Tomika.  
  • He likes glitter.
  • Zack shared an accidental kiss with Tomika, in Season 2, during the episode, Don't Let Me Be Misunderstood.


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