If you guys were really my friends, you will support me no matter what.
—Freddy to the Band

Would I Lie to You? is the tenth episode in Season 3 of School of Rock. It aired on January 14, 2018, to an audience of 0.61 viewers.


Freddy writes a song about the band being so supportive, but they find it difficult to be honest with him when it comes to how they feel about it.[1]


Main Cast

Minor Cast


  • This episode could be a reference to other TV shows such as Bob's Burgers and Nicky, Ricky, Dicky & Dawn.
  • This episode was originally scheduled to air on November 14, 2017, but was later rescheduled to two months later, on January 14, 2018.
  • This episode references the Eurythmics song, ‘Would I Lie to You?’.
  • Vice Principal Sternhagen makes his second and final appearance in Season 3.
    • This episode also marks his final appearance of the whole series.
  • There are no recurring characters featured in this episode.


  • "Don't Think Twice" by Ricardo Hurtado.



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