The only one who doesn't know you is YOU.
—Mr. Finn to Summer

The Other Side of Summer is the fifth episode in Season 3 of School of Rock. It premiered on August 5, 2017, to 1.32 million viewers on Nickelodeon, and in total amount, it aired to 1.64 million viewers.[1]


Summer has an identity crisis after getting her first 'B', and it is up to the band to make sure that the changes she is going through are not permanent.


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  • This episode is also referred to as Cool for the Summer.
    • The second name for this episode refers to Demi Lovato's song, Cool for the Summer.
    • Ironically, Tomika's favorite music artist is Demi Lavato.
  • The official title of this episode refers to the song "The Other Side of Summer" by Elvis Costello.
  • This episode marks the first and only time that Summer becomes rebellious; hence, the title of the episode refers to when Summer has her identity crisis.
  • This episode marks the first appearance of Vice Principal Sternhagen in the third season.
  • Zack and Lawrence now "share custody" of Freddy, meaning that he has the ability to move between their houses for a place to stay. This changes his living arrangements from Hold on Loosely, where Freddy stayed with Lawrence full-time.
  • It is revealed that Vice Principal Sternhagen is in charge of after-school detention.
  • This episode has the highest viewer amount of Season 3; with an audience of 1.64 million viewers.
    • This episode is also only one of the few episodes of Season 3 to get over one million viewers due to the lineup change from Saturday to Sunday.
  • The same night that this episode aired, the final episode of the third season of Nicky, Ricky, Dicky & Dawn aired, which Jade Pettyjohn also starred in.



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