Summer and Zack is a friendship/romantic pairing between Summer Hathaway and Zack Kwan in School of Rock.

Shipping Names

  • Sumack (Summer/Zack)
  • Zummer (Zack/Summer)
  • Zammer (Zack/Summer)


Season 1

in The Story of Us, Summer tells Tomika that she thinks she should have a boyfriend, so she can write a great song about dating and break up like Taylor Swift. Then they look at Zack and ask him to be her fake boyfriend. After half an hour, Summer decides to break up.

Season 2

In Wouldn't It Be Nice?, Summer writes a note for Tomika to send. Tomika tells the others to send it to the boy at the end of the row. When the note arrives to Zack, he immediately agrees to share Summer's locker. A little later, in front of Zacks locker, Freddy walks by and Zack tells him of his drone business, and that he's moving in to Summer's locker. Freddy is confused and says "Wait what? You're moving in with summer? (Or something along the lines)." And Zack replies "Yeah, she even wrote me a note." Zack gives the note. Freddy replies: "Oh. Well I thought she asked me, but I guess not. (Or something along the lines)." Zack replies: "Well, once you go Zack, you never go back." Later, when Summer finds her stuff out of her locker she goes to Zack, as he is playing with his drones. She goes to him, saying his name, and Zack replies: "Oh, hey babe." They later reconcile at the end of the episode.

In Truckin', Summer and Zack are seen dancing together to Zack's new theme song of his truck, the Meal Shake. And near the end of the episode, Summer is heard and seen saying: "Who's the smart Kwan now? You are~!" To him. He also gives Summer her School Of Rock jacket first, even though Tomika was in front of him.

Season 3


Similarities and Differences



  • Summer is a girl, Zack is a boy.
  • Summer has a blonde hair, Zack has black hair.
  • In School of Rock, Summer plays the tambourine and is the manager of the group, while Zack plays the guitar.


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