Welcome to the VSTF, School of Rock Wiki Report system. Because of the new rule added on July 15, 2017, certain settings, scripts & CSS have changed.

Why do we need reports?

In order to explain in detail, click here.

How do I file a report?

Using the new FANDOM security network system, "Report", we can easily access and find your filed reports on the database.

We only accept blocks for the following:

  • Vandalism
  • Message Wall disruption (spam)
  • Violent or erratic users
  • Harassing other users on the wiki
  • CSS Malfunction
  • Error with articles
  • Design
  • User rights

We do not accept reports for the following. If you do want to report this, report it to staff:

  • Threatening messages
  • Third-party block
  • Merging Wikis
  • Changing URL
  • Getting rid of an admin/bureaucrat

Are reports necessary?

As of July 15, we do not allow Message Wall problems at all. If there are problems visible on the message wall, we will send them straight to "Report".

How will we get notified once our reports are finished?

On your Message Wall, you will be notified about your request/report on that situation in 3-4 business days. If it does not reach by this time, please contact the co-heads of this wiki, Jax or Max.

Who will answer these requests?

Max or Jax will be in charge for the following reports. Admins may be able to be in-assistance.


You can report below. Below are steps on how the form works.

  1. Create a new page with, School of Rock Wiki:Request and a number. If you see at the line below, there are already numbers like (1) or (2), then move onto (3) or (4).
  2. Add a ==Title== or topic, in order to see what it is.
  3. Add the problem below, using a sub-heading, ===.
  4. Then sign your name with --~~~~.
  5. You will get a reply on your Message Wall within 2 business days.

<createbox> prefix=School of Rock Wiki:Request width=60 default=Enter request name here - example: Vandalism preload=Template:Forumheader/Report buttonlabel=Add new report </createbox>


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