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About the Show

Inspired by the hit movie of the same name, "School of Rock" follows a unique group of prep school students who are in for the change of a lifetime when a down-on-his-luck musician poses as their substitute teacher. Throughout the school year, these middle-school classmates find themselves navigating relationships, discovering their unknown talents and learning lessons on loyalty and friendships.

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Goodbye Messages to School of Rock


Farewell School of Rock!
Thank you to everyone, particularly the Admins, Lynn and Jaisen, Co-Heads, Max, Jax and former founder, Sarah for making and being apart of this brilliant wiki.

Goodbye Messages:

“I've watched the series since Season 1 and just seeing the insane character developments, the plotlines, the laughs, let's just say that this was a good show to watch here and there. I'm going to miss it, but hope the cast nothing but the best.” ~ Sarah

“I have loved watching School of Rock, I have watched every episode and watched since the first season, it has been amazing to see all the characters grow and even though the ratings have dropped, I know that lots of people still have the show in their hearts; full of inspiration and love. I wish all the cast and production team the best in their future endeavours.” ~ Max Black

“After watching the film, I didn’t think the TV show would be as good. However, after the first episode, I knew the show would be great and then after the first few episodes I was hooked. The characters have grown so much; from Lawrence being comfortable around Esme to Freddy and Summer admitting their feelings to each other and finally becoming a couple (for a while). I wish the cast the best for their future endeavours and hope they return to Nickelodeon one day. I will miss the show a lot - it has been one of my favorite TV shows ever.” ~ Jax Garcia

"I've watched the show since the day it premiered and I found myself immersed in the different personalities the characters portrayed, from Summer's drive to succeed in school to Lawrence's open intelligence. Since Come Together, I've seen every single episode. I've seen all the characters grow and love and be themselves and this show has given me so much joy over the years it ran. I hate the fact that it is ending so soon, I wish it could go onto for a fourth season. Although, I will forever be thankful for the show. It brought me great storylines, great characters and a great cast who will hopefully be friends until the end of time. Also, thanks to the show, I was able to experience something that will forever be the best thing that happened to me. I love School of Rock and I will miss it. Thank you SOR, for everything." ~ Lynn

When I heard about School of Rock, I wasn't very excited because it wasn't the type of show that I would normally watch. Although, when Come Together aired, I decided to give the show a chance; the first episode gave me hope in the show. I decided to watch it for five straight weeks and thought it was awesome! The only time where I ever doubted School of Rock was after the episode, Love Is a Battlefield. Although in March, I decided to watch the episodes I missed and surprisingly they were amazing! The cast have evolved in the Nickelodeon universe and I wish the cast the best. In my opinion, it didn’t deserve to be cancelled. Goodbye School of Rock.” ~ Jaisen

Thank you for a fantastic show, Nickelodeon; we will miss you School of Rock!

Current Features!

Featured Character
Tomika Season 1

Tomika is a fun-loving tomboy with a kick-butt attitude. A gifted bassist with the pipes to match, she’s the definition of a double threat. She’s down to earth and tells it like it is, which is why she is such a great best friend to Summer. Tomika is more comfortable with a skateboard than a microphone, but whether it's on a half pipe or a stage, she’s a star! She's a daredevil when it comes to challenges, and a rocker when it comes to the band! (See more...)

Featured Cast Member

Brec Bassinger is a twenty-one-year-old American actress. She is known for her lead role on other Nickelodeon show, Bella and the Bulldogs, as Bella Dawson. On School of Rock, she appears as Kale, Freddy Huerta’s ex-girlfriend, who adores making a difference in the environment. (See more...)

Featured Pairing
Screen shot 2018-04-09 at 5.59.02 PM

Fremmer is the romantic pairing between Freddy Huerta and Summer Hathaway on School of Rock. While Summer pines for Freddy from day dot, he only reciprocates her feelings in the third season yet they break up for the sake of the band in the season finale. (See more...)

Featured Episode

Hold on Loosely is the first episode in Season 3. When Freddy reveals his mother is forcing him to move to Miami, so the band work together to try and get him to stay. (See more...)

Featured Song
Hide Away

Hide Away is an original song sung originally by Daya, yet sung by Summer Hathaway in School of Rock. It features on the fifth episode of the second season, I Put a Spell on You. (See more...)


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