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Love Is a Battlefield is the twelfth episode in Season 3 of School of Rock. It premiered on January 28, 2018, to an audience of 0.53 million viewers.


Tomika is inspired by the play, "Hamilton," to create her own hip-hop musical about the Alamo; Freddy is determined to use the play to get closer to Summer.


Tomika is inspired by the play, "Hamilton," to create her own hip-hop musical about the Alamo; Freddy is determined to use the play to get closer to Summer. Before the Alamo, Romeo and Juliet is the play. Freddy doesn't seem to care about it and mentioned, "I hate Shakespeare," Soon, he finds out that Summer gets the role of Juliet. Freddy is suprised by this. He races Asher to the auditions. Freddy gets the part as, Romeo. While this is happening, Tomika, Zack, and Lawrence are working on changing the play to the Alamo. In the classroom, Freddy says, "I'm pretty stoked. I was thinking we could practice right after class. What do you say we start this, I don't know, Act 1, Scene 5?" To Summer. Summer relied, "The kissing scene?" And Freddy says, "Is it?" Then they find out Tomika's idea for the Alamo play instead. Tomika tells Summer she's going to be Davy Croket, which makes Summer happier about the idea. Freddy says Principal Mullins would never change the play. Summer says the play will be great, and Freddy stands up and says, "I just remembered, I have to go to that thing, about stuff." And Mr.Finn says it sounds Legit. Freddy tells me Principal that they have to keep the original play, and that he loves Shakespeare, even though in the beginning he mentioned he hated Shakespeare. In this episode, Freddy tells Mr. Finn about his Crush on Summer. He also tells him not to tell anyone. During the play Summer and Freddy sing and then stare at each other. Freddy then strokes her face and when Summer turns toward the crowd, she glares at Freddy twice. Next, during Davy Croket's death scene, Summer falls into Freddy's arms. Freddy says, "wait!" This wakes Summer. Freddy says, "I don't want this to be over, being with you has been the most amazing time of my life." And Tomika thinks he's free styling. Summer asks what he's doing and Freddy picks Summer up and mentioned that what he was about to say was deep in his heart and had to come out. Freddy began by saying, "I-" and then Clark began a food fight with guacamole until the end of the episode.


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  • Dan Martin as Janitor Gary


  • This episode was the second lowest viewed episode of the whole season and series.
  • This episode was originally scheduled to air on November 16, 2017 but was later rescheduled to January 28, 2018.
  • This was the first episode to follow production code after the episode, True Colors.
  • This episode revolved around the love triangle between Summer, Freddy, and Asher with it being beginning of it.
  • In the episode, the school is doing the play Romeo and Juliet. On fellow Nickelodeon series, Nicky, Ricky, Dicky & Dawn, Ricardo Hurtado, guest stars on an episode similar to Romeo and Juliet.
  • This episode marks the fourth time Freddy tries to tell Summer his feelings for her this season. In this episode, he was stopped by Clark starting a food fight with throwing guacamole at them.
  • It is revealed Tomika likes rapping and is a skilled rapper.
  • Mr. Finn finds out that Freddy likes Summer.
    • However, Freddy urges him to not tell anyone about it.



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