Kale is a recurring character in School of Rock. She is a student at William B. Travis Prep School. In "Do You Want to Know a Secret?", she gets told the band’s secret and then becomes the blogger for the band.

She is portrayed by Brec Bassinger.


Season 2

Kale first appears in "Wouldn't It Be Nice?" as she runs a table to advertise saving the Earth. She strikes up a conversation with Freddy and becomes temporary locker partners with him before the conflicts between Freddy and his friends are resolved. She shows interest in a sci-fi movie Freddy, Zack, and Lawrence also enjoy and went with them to the movie premiere. She asked Freddy to the school dance and was able to dance with him like she hoped in Brilliant Disguise, which is the presumed beginning of their romantic relationship. When their relationship month-iversary arrives, Kale wants to get a gift for Freddy, so she consults Summer on what to give him. In the end, instead of giving Freddy a hat, Summer has Kale give him drumsticks instead. In "Total Eclipse of the Heart", she and Freddy spend time at the Lock-In with quilting from garbage and setting a hornet free. However, in the same episode, Freddy and Kale break up as Freddy has only done what Kale likes to make her happy. In Don't Stop Believin', she finds and keeps Tomika's lucky rock Lucy (unaware that Tomika was looking for it) before the rock is officially hers.

Season 3

Kale first appears in "Do You Want to Know a Secret?" as she talks about School of Rock with Asher before leaving. She is them transferred into Mr. Finn's class after her former teacher, Mr. Kravitz, was injured after a trampoline accident. However, she decided to transfer to another class after the band discussed being burdened by her. The band decides to tell her their secret and performs Future Starts Right Now, and while she doesn't transfer back into their class, she becomes the writer for the band's blog. In "Leader of the Band", she makes T-shirts for the band and tells Mr. Finn that the large silhouette is him, unaware of how self-conscious Mr. Finn is about his weight.


Kale is a girl who is obsessed with saving the planet. She is also shown to be a sweetheart as she is very kind to Freddy and his friends. She looks for the best in people and trusts them, seen with Summer as she tries to find a gift for her boyfriend. Kale is very empathetic and is willing to be there for the people she cares about most. She has a big heart and cares a lot about many different things, and this is expressed through her passionate love for nature. She is also very honest - which also has a negative side as she is very bad at keeping secrets due to this.


Freddy Huerta

Ex-Boyfriend/Good Friend

Main Article: Freddy and Kale

Freddy and Kale were in a relationship and remained good friends after they broke up. They were together as a couple in "Brilliant Disguise" before breaking up in "Total Eclipse of the Heart".

Summer Hathaway

Good Friend

Summer and Kale are good friends. Kale saw Summer as a friend while Summer didn't see the same way as she was jealous of Kale‘s relationship with Freddy. However, in "Is She Really Going Out With Him", Kale and Summer bond while looking for a gift for Freddy in the school dumpster. In "Do You Want to Know a Secret?", Summer shows to truly care about Kale and values her friendship and who Kale is as a person (actively wanting to tell Kale about the band).


Good Friend



Season 2

Season Appearances: 7/13

Season 3

Season Appearances: 5/20

Overall Appearances: 12/45


  • She is most likely a vegan, as she is seen with many homemade and herbal foods in place of regular food.
  • Her favorite book is known to be Terminal Heart.
  • She sometimes doesn't get to class on time, as seen in "Voices Carry", where she informs Freddy she'll be in trouble with her dad again if she's tardy.
  • She believes that repurposing garbage and unused items as a gift is better than going shopping for one.
  • She moves around a lot with her family and can't make many friends as a result.
  • She is a big fan of School of Rock and later becomes their blog writer ("Do You Want to Know a Secret?").
  • Along with Clark, Esmeralda, and Asher, she is a character who was not seen in the original 2003 movie School of Rock. She is only seen in the Nickelodeon television spinoff.
  • She has an issue when it comes to keeping a secret.
  • She is the first recurring character to find out about School of Rock's identity ("Do You Want to Know a Secret?")
  • She has a lovely singing voice, but is usually shy about singing in front of people, as seen in, "Jingle Bell Rock".
    • When she sings, she does it in her bedroom and in front of her mirror.
  • She volunteers at the "Gimme Shelter" animal rescue center.
  • Her last appearance on the show was in the episode, "Not Afraid".
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