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But there are some things in life that we can't just control.
—Mr. Finn to the Band

Hold on Loosely is the first episode in Season 3 of School of Rock. It premiered on July 8, 2017, to an audience of 1.03 million viewers.[1][2]


When Freddy tells the band that his family are moving to Miami, they all work together to come up with a plan to convince his mother to let him stay.


After spontaneously performing on the street during a traffic jam, Freddy announces to the band that his mother wants to move to Miami. His mother only agree not to move if he has something he really passionate about in the school. Since he can't tell he's in a band due to its secrecy, Summer come up with the idea of "Clodeling" (a portmanteau of Clog dancing and Yodeling. However, his mom sticks with her plan to move away after the clodeling performance ended abruptly. As the day come, Mr. Finn tries to keep the band spirit up instead of mourning Freddy's moving, which Freddy misinterpretes as them being happy he's moving. The band chases Freddy to a cowboy restaurant and give him a stack of letters containing how much they will miss him. His mother, touched by the kids' affection towards his son, allows him to stay, after allowing Mr. Finn to be thrown away on a bull-ride in full speed.


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