What have you ever done that's so heroic?
—Freddy to Tomika

Heroes and Villains is the seventh episode in Season 3 of School of Rock. It aired on November 18, 2017, to an audience of 1.06 viewers.


After comic books get banned at school, Tomika decides to create her own comic, but accidentally upsets her friends by not drawing them in the best light.


During lunch, Tomika and Freddy are talking about superhero comics more specifically a character named Fireface. Freddy then states that he doesn't put Fireface in Top 5 superheroes. Tomika thinks that Fireface is in Top 3. Freddy then says that Mr. Frosty has to be number one on the list because he shoots ice. Tomika disagrees with Freddy. Freddy then states he doesn't shoot ice cubes but if you need a iced out drink he is your guy. Lawerence then says that he would want to have chocolate eggs. Zack thought about eyelazers. Principal Mullins and Clark come out with an announcement of A Wall of Inspiration. Clark claps after it. Tomika and Freddy start to argue about the superheroes. Tomika tries to win over Freddy on Fireface but Freddy wins her over. Tomika then says Fireface's catchphrase but Freddy doesn't really like it. Tomika then throws a meatball. Freddy then also the a meatball, unleashing a food fight. Summer tries to end the fight and Zack tells everyone to stop. But just to have a meatball before things go out of hand. All students get in trouble when Principal Mullins witnesses it going on. Clark checks if the floor is secure or not but gets hurt. Principal Mullins bans unlimited meatball Thursday. The kids go into the class depressed, Dewey is wondering what happened and Zack tells him. Freddy blames it all on Tomika. Tomika then calls Freddy Vanilla Ice an old rapper. Dewey tries to make Summer a little troublesome. The next day Tomika comes in and brings a written comic book. Dewey still trying to be troublesome, says he likes a technicallity. Tomika then shows them her comic book while music I played. Intros for all superheroes are shown but Tomika's is the longest. Lawerence, Zack, and Dewey are happy with their power. Freddy then confronts Tomika about his power. Summer pranks Zack and Dewey tells him to get payback. Freddy brings in his own comic and it shows Tomika with a unpleasant power. Tomika is mad when she finds out he embarrassed her in front of the whole school. Zack pulls a prank on Summer. Tomika sees that Asher is about to get into trouble so she thought about what her friends said but she says it out loud and Olive gets confused. Tomika then tells the principal and Clark that she was the person who brought the comics. Lawerence runs out the room with them. Summer and Zack pull a prank on Dewey. After Tomika has to go to mega detention, everyone in the school dresses up as Tomika's superhero in her version of comics. Dewey dresses up in the wrong costume. Everyone else celebrates with Tomika.


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  • This episode was referred to as ‘a main arc through mid-season’ by Lance's mom and Tony.
  • Tomika not drawing them in the best light is a possible reference to the series, Family Guy.
  • This is the third episode where Tomika has a fallout with one or more of her friends in the third season.
  • Had this episode aired on November 12, 2017, it would've aired exactly three months after the last episode, Minimum Wage.
  • Tomika's costume is based on The Flash or Plastic Man.
  • Fireface and Mr. Frosty are based off Firestorm and Captain Cold.
  • Zack wants eyelazers as a super power and Lawrence wants chocolate eggs.
  • Principal Mullins might've put Summer into the food fight discussion because of her identity crisis. However, Principal Mullins most likely didn't notice she was having that.
  • A classic food fight is thrown.
  • This is the second time Summer does something devious as she pranked Mr. Finn.
  • The Hat has some equipments that Batman has.
  • Even though Principal Mullins doesn't exactly like Clark, she still has him as a assistant.
  • Lawrence has a very minor role in this episode and only makes occasional appearances.
  • The retired rapper and actor, Vanilla Ice is mentioned, in this episode.
  • The title refers to when they draw comics and talk about them.
  • Principal Mullins mentioned that she wants to be White Wing Dove. Though, we don't know who White Wing Dove is, she also mentioned this in the episode, Welcome to My Nightmare, while dancing after taking too much cold medicines.


  • Zack wasn't involved in the food fight, but he was pictured with meatball sauce on his hands. Zack also wanted to eat a meatball because he didn't have breakfast so it seems illogical that he would throw it.


  • Victorious (by Panic! At the Disco)



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