There's something different about you tonight.
—Freddy to Summer in Total Eclipse of the Heart

Freddy and Summer, or Fremmer, is a romantic/friendship pairing between Freddy Huerta and Summer Hathaway in School of Rock.

From Season 1, up until Total Eclipse of the Heart, Summer liked Freddy. However, this switches in Total Eclipse of the Heart, when Freddy realizes that he and Summer have similar interests and starts to develop feelings for her. In Photograph, they both reveal they have feelings for each other and start dating. However, in the season finale, I Love Rock and Roll: Part 2, they are shared first kiss together

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The following is a set a moments in each episode in School of Rock. Please only add facts, and no false information or you could be blocked.

Season 1

In Come Together, Summer saw Freddy skateboard throughout the school hallway. She was super impressed with him and Tomika convinced her to ask him out but Summer still had to get her hopes up. In the halfway of the episode, Summer flirted with Freddy but the attempt failed.

In Cover Me, Summer tries to get Freddy's attention at the beginning of the episode but it backfires when Summer sprays Freddy; blinding his eyes. Next, Summer suggested to the class that they should be in study groups and she would choose Freddy as her study partner. Freddy responds by saying he didn't listen as he was reading a dirt bike magazine. Then, Summer wanted Tomika's help to skateboard to impress Freddy. Tomika offered to help and Summer skateboarded but Freddy didn't look. This made Summer want to do something else to impress Freddy - this time choosing singing. Tomika helps her by using a tune harmonica but Summer sings badly and then Tomika shows her how by singing Lips Are Movin' by Meghan Trainor. Freddy and Mr. Finn hear her voice singing and run to the classroom to see who was singing and Tomika tells them that Summer was singing. Mr. Finn asks Summer to be the lead singer and to sing in front of the whole class the next day. That leads Summer to lip sync and Tomika sings for her outside of the classroom. Tomika took the spot of lead singer after Summer convinced her but as they hugged, Mr. Finn had heard the girl's conversation and made Summer the cowbell player and told her she needed to stand right next to the drummer; Freddy. When Summer went over to her spot, Freddy thanked her for stepping up for the band, Summer replied and said that Tomika was the singer and Freddy answered back by saying that she convinced Tomika that she should be the lead singer and that what she did was really cool, they both smiled at each other and then he told Summer to count them in.

In Video Killed the Speed Debate Star, Freddy tells the band that they need a better system for hiding their instruments, but then Summer quickly responded by saying that what Freddy said was utter and total nonsense and that it was based on false logic. Freddy than questions it but Summer who says no, and that he actually had a good point, and that she was actually just practicing for her debate on Wednesday.

In The Story About Us (But More About Me), the camera caught Freddy staring and smiling at Summer a couple of times. At the end of the episode, Summer wrote an awesome song and Freddy smiled and congratulated her while Summer smiled back at him.

In We're Not Gonna Take It, Summer loved the way on how Freddy dyed his hair as a way to express himself. Summer also ended up telling in front of Freddy that she has a crush on him and immediately says another statement to hide the fact that she has a crush on him. When Freddy ended up going to Principal Mullins for dying his hair, Summer seems worried and says "NO!" when Tomika says the principal could be cutting his hair. She is also the person who suggested they should all dye their hair and they succeed. Freddy and Summer also hold hands as part of a sit-in protesting Zack's removal from Mr. Finn's class.

In We Can Be Heroes, Sort Of, the camera caught Summer smiling at Freddy a couple of times. Also, Freddy and Summer sit together during lunch and don't like how Tomika is being too tough on the band, so both of them, like the rest of the band, don't want Tomika to sit at the lunch table.

In Should I Stay Or Should I Go, Summer says to Tomika that one of her priorities dealing with Battle of the Bands is that she will kiss Freddy in the midst of excitement when they win Battle of the Bands. Freddy overhears them and Summer says another statement to hide the fact she has a crush on him. Next, at the band audition, Freddy suggests to Summer that she should boss them around as the rest of the band can't get their act together, but only Summer can do it. Summer smiles and says that she was expecting a response like that from him. Later, Summer hugs Freddy excitingly when Mr. Finn says Summer is the new band manager of School of Rock.

In Money (That's What I Want), Summer dumps her mini-purse full of cents on his desk when he says he will charge people watching his skateboarding tricks. When his board gets confiscated, Freddy asks if people would just be interested to see him be him. Summer enthusiastically dumps the rest of the money from her mini-purse in which Freddy stares at Mr. Finn, who knows Summer has a crush on Freddy. Next, Freddy asks Summer if he can work for her cupcake business which elates her and asks him to deliver a cupcake to Laura from Regina. Summer gets so excited and Freddy responds that their first cupcake delivery is super exciting. Summer, however, is excited about her spending time with Freddy. When the two of them have a private meeting, Summer says they should have meetings every day including Saturday Night. Freddy then replies he sometimes goes to the movies on Saturday Night, in which Summer says that's not a problem and that he should pick her up at 8. Then, Regina busts in the meeting and complains about the cupcake being delivered to her and someone sitting on it. Next, Regina said that Summer should fire Freddy, Summer defends Freddy by saying that Regina is a customer who doesn't know how to run a business . Freddy smiles and says that he knows his work is being appreciated by Summer. Next, Freddy and Summer go over the finances with Mr. Finn and Tomika. Freddy and Summer are revealed to have made seventy dollars, but ended up with twenty dollars due to refunds. Then, Mr. Finn complains about his cupcake not being good and Summer asks Freddy why he kept messing up deliveries. In response, Freddy changes the subject by saying that she is an excellent boss, which delights Summer. The next day, Summer shows to Tomika that she bought matching vests for her and Freddy. Tomika asks why they need the buisness since they made enough money to enter the Battle of the Bands. Summer responds that without the business, she and Freddy can't go to a company picnic together. When she has to revive the business after financial problems, she decides to tell Freddy he is fired for the cupcake delivery issue. However, Freddy gives her his good looks which makes Summer say he is getting a promotion, which delights Freddy. At the end of the episode, Freddy reveals that he got tips from girls who ordered cupcakes, Summer asks how he did it. When Freddy says hello to a woman in a gentleman manner, the woman gives him money and Summer smiles and says to Freddy, " Oh, Right.", which reminds her of Freddy using his good looks and manners to impress Summer so he could keep his job in Summer's cupcake buisness.

In Freddy Fights for His Right to Party, Summer is against the idea of Freddy attending the Lacrosse Team's Party. Summer believes that the older girls would go crazy over him. In fact, she even argues with a picture of Freddy that she keeps in her locker and then apologizes by saying that she can't be mad at a boy so cute. When Summer sees Freddy spending time with an older girl, she is so mad because she is touching Freddy's hair and she wants to beat her up. Then, she decides to hold a party on the same night of the Lacrosse Team and gives Freddy an invitation. Next, when Freddy comes to the table she is sitting at, Summer says to him that she can make room for him and pushes Lawrence out of the table. When Zack messes up Freddy's hair, Summer screams in horror, until Tomika covers up her mouth. On the day of the party, Summer is proud that Freddy decided to hang out with his real friends. At the end of the episode, when Zack and Freddy do their dance, Summer and Tomika see it. Summer just smiles as the two boys do their dance.

In (Really Really) Old Time Rock and Roll, Summer and Freddy support Lawrence's efforts to tell his crush Esme on how he feels. At the end of Lawrence's performance declaring his love of Esme, the whole band congratulates Lawrence. When Freddy says that Lawrence's idea was so cool that he would use the same strategy if he ever had feelings for a girl, Summer smiled and said she can't wait for Freddy to sing to her. Summer eventually says that she can't wait to hear what Esme said about Lawrence's performance as a way to hide the fact that she has a crush on Freddy.

In We Are the Champions ... Maybe, instead of being angry, Summer smiles as she asks Freddy on why he didn't know the track team would be in the hallways. Next, when the band tries to escape from the roof so they could perform, the chain to open the door falls apart and Freddy and Summer fall together unharmed. Freddy tells Summer that opening the door was important and Summer replies " Was that what we were doing?" and hugs him with a smile on her face. In the last minutes of the episode, Freddy and Summer hold the trophy for winning Battle of the Bands.

Season 2

In Wouldn't It Be Nice?, Summer is ecstatic that Freddy's locker was blown up due to an explosion in the teacher's lounge. She asks Freddy if he would like to share her locker (if she ever asked as her question was hypothetical) and he would say yes, making Summer so happy that she dances in front of the school hallway. She stops by to see Tomika, and in honor of sharing a locker, she made t-shirts saying "Fremmer", which they say is used when celebrities mash up their names as a couple. However, Summer wants to ask Freddy the same question again because she didn't think it was official. However, the plan backfires and Zack ends up sharing with Summer. When Zack says to Freddy that he is sharing a locker with Summer, Freddy seems puzzled and a bit unhappy. He eventually shares a locker with a girl named Kale. Summer notices Freddy sharing a locker with Kale and becomes really jealous that she throws a tantrum in front of Mr. Finn. Next, Freddy screams to Summer that he was so unhappy to not share a locker with her. In the end, the tensions are solved.

In With or Without You, Summer was surprised to find that Freddy liked a movie that she thought was a waste of time. So, she asked Tomika about what the movie was going to be about. Later, when they watch the movie, Freddy is impressed at how Summer is an 'expert' on the movie and the series of it.

In Brilliant Disguise, Summer tried to confess to Freddy her feelings for him. However, things didn't go according to plan. Summer tried to speak to Freddy but she became so nervous she ran away from him. In the Student Council meeting, Summer exhibited behavior that showed signs of jealousy such as screaming at Freddy and banging the gavel very hard because she watched with dread as Freddy and Kale were talking to each other and Summer was also fearing that Kale was going to steal her crush. At the dance, Summer had the same behavior and finally told her feelings. However, she thought she told her feelings to Freddy, but instead she told it to the janitor. In the end, Summer watches with sadness as Freddy and Kale dance the night away.

In Welcome to My Nightmare, Summer delegated jobs to each individual members of the band. When she gave a job to Freddy, she asked him to help bake cupcakes, which really surprised him.

In Truckin', when Lawrence and Mr. Finn threw up food onto Summer, Freddy gave her a napkin or tissue to wipe off the food from her clothes. Then, Zacks finds Freddy and Summer eating food on a stick and asks them why they are eating food from his competitor. Freddy and Summer try to lie by saying it was just his imagination and he should go back to sleep.

In Voices Carry, when Freddy is stuck in the Aca-Fellas, Summer suggests that she pretends she has a disease and then kiss him so he would be 'infected' with the 'disease'. When Freddy performed in the school eating area, Summer was smiling towards him because he had an amazing singing voice until Tomika nudged Summer to stop making those faces to him.

In Is She Really Going Out With Him, Summer treats Freddy much more gently than Mr. Finn, Zack, and Lawrence. She also started to exhibit signs of jealousy when Freddy started talking positively about Kale by banging the drums so loud and even breaking his drumsticks. Summer tells to Tomika that she is losing him and that she is going to marry him some day. Unlike in Brilliant Disguise, Summer uses the advice of Tomika's brother's girlfriend. It doesn't really work out and Freddy had part of his sweater ripped. When the school day is over, Freddy asks Summer on what to give Kale for their one month anniversary. Summer then tries to act like Kale such as dressing like her, acting like her, and liking her mud shakes so Freddy would notice her, which ends up in squirrels chasing her. Summer then unleashes a plot in which she says to Kale that Freddy loves hats (Freddy actually hates hats) and that she should give Freddy a hat as a present. Summer will then plan to give Freddy new drumsticks. However, realizing that Kale is actually a very nice person, she backs out of it after becoming more friendly with Kale and gives Kale the drumsticks and Summer gives the hat to Tomika until she realizes it's garbage. In the end, Summer watches as Freddy and Kale walk out of school with their gifts, although she knew she did the right thing to make them happy.

In Total Eclipse of the Heart, Summer decides to finally get over her crush with Freddy. She plans to be with Freddy and Kale all night in the school-lock in so she would end up forgetting about them. She spends some time with Freddy and Kale, talking to them and witnessing them release a hornet into it's habitat. Summer starts to get a rash and goes with Asher to the bathroom. When she is in the school eating area with the couple, Summer notices that her rash (which she gets from seeing Freddy and Kale as a couple) is gone and allows Asher to go to the bathroom by himself. Summer, by then, finally decides to really get over her crush of Freddy and tears out the picture of Freddy she kept in her locker. But then, a plot twist occurs right after Summer gets over her crush on Freddy and the relationship between Freddy and Summer starts to change in a fundamental way that it ends up bringing more romance into it. It happened when Freddy visited Summer at the rooftop to see the eclipse that was taking place the same night as the school-lock in. Summer is surprised to see him and asks him if he and Kale are done with their garbage quilt. Freddy responds by saying the problem with garbage quilts is you can't tell when you're done. Then, Summer asks Freddy to look into the telescope to see the eclipse. Freddy is amazed to see the eclipse and Summer responds by saying that the eclipse is known as a blood moon. Freddy then stops looking into the telescope and seems jubilant and surprised to find out that Summer is into Astronomy, a subject that he is also into. Summer responds by saying she had an interest in that subject since she was eight and how she wanted people to call her Cassiopeia, but instead people called her "Peia". The camera then recorded Freddy and Summer smiling and chuckling at each other. While Summer looks into the telescope, Freddy smiles at Summer (this is one of the signs that shows he's starting to harbor feelings for her) and says to Summer that there is something different about her in a good way. Summer smiles and asks Freddy to ask Kale to see the eclipse. Freddy laughs and says that Kale is so interested in saving the earth that he is afraid to introduce her to another part of the solar system. Summer says to him that he should ask her to see the eclipse before it's over. After that, Freddy starts to leaves the rooftop but not before he stared at Summer and smiled at her, while she was looking into the telescope. Next, Freddy and Kale break up because Freddy doesn't share the same interests as Kale. With that being done, Freddy now wants to ask Summer to be his girlfriend since they share similar interests and have great chemistry towards each other. At the end, however, he sees Summer and Asher together (Asher putting his sweater on Summer) and walks away heartbroken, not fulfilling his promise to ask her to be his girlfriend.

In Takin' Care of Business, Freddy asks Tomika to do a dare. Summer responds by pretending to be someone else urging Summer and Tomika to help Mr. Finn study for his exam. Freddy responds by saying to Tomika that she shouldn't listen to them (meaning Summer). The camera then recorded Freddy looking at Summer until he turns to Tomika and asks her to do the dare.

Season 3

In Hold on Loosely, Freddy was surprised and impressed on how good Summer was playing the drums and he was smiling at her. When Freddy was about to leave, he told Summer that he had a few things to say to her. It is implied here that he was gonna confess his feelings for her. He hesitates for a while when he says that "You're a really amazing" to Summer and she smiles at him. He then says that she is a really good drummer and tries to tell more about his feelings for her, but after saying that she's great at drumming, Summer displays an excellent drum solo. It was also Summer who was the first to enthusiastically respond to Freddy being able to stay close to his friends instead of going to Miami.

In The Other Side of Summer, Summer is upset over a test. She claims that the test is who she is, Freddy jumps up and says "You're more than a test. Everybody says that you're a wonderful, smart, and beautiful girl who they want to date." After an awkward pause he adds, "At least that's what everybody says." When Summer keeps panicking, he gets very concerned. Next, he is the first one to respond to Summer becoming a rebel by first saying her name in shock. In reponse, Summer tells him to "Tell Me About it Stud." Also, Freddy says he likes the new Summer as she is dangerous and crazy.

In Kool Thing, we learn that Freddy actually has pictures of Summer in his locker. When Summer passes by, he hides the pictures under a cloak containing his pictures. He says to her that he hasn't seen her, but Summer responds that they actually saw each other previously. Next, Freddy goes to Summer who is at her locker. He then proceeds to tell her that he has a crush on someone for a long time. Summer is enthusiastic and asks who is it. Freddy replies by giving a hint, which is a girl in the hallway they are in. Summer looks and sees a girl named Penny. She then says that Freddy and Penny would make a great couple. Freddy is suprised because he thought that Summer would think she was the girl Freddy was crushing on. Later, Freddy and Summer line up at the Hey Violet! Concert. There, Summer feels cold and Freddy gives her his jacket. After she puts it on, Summer says to Freddy if he believes the concept of two perfect people would be put in eternal bliss by finding a way together towards that path. He replies that it's true and then Summer puts her hand in his shoulders, which makes Freddy feel shy. Then she turns him around to see Penny. Freddy is again flabbergasted and tires to get out of the situation by saying that he isn't interested in her. Summer is confused, but Freddy replies that he isn't interested in her since he likes hanging out with her. Summer then replies that she understands which makes Freddy somewhat excited until she says that he occupy her life as a kind of "girl friend". He is so upset that he asks her for his jacket back, in which she complies.

In Love is a Battlefield, Freddy doesn't care about the upcoming Romeo and Juliet play until Summer says she got the role of Juliet. He reacts in surprise and even more suprised when Summer says they can't find a Romeo due to boys not liking kissing scenes. He then proceeds to go get the role and then encounters Asher, who we now learn is also auditioning for Romeo and also has feelings for Summer. The two boys race to get the role of Romeo, with Freddy as the eventual winner. Next, Freddy and Summer talk to each other about how exciting it is to be in the play, while Freddy then says they should go to rehearsal after school and rehearse Act 1, Scene 5 which Summer replies is the kissing scene. Freddy then goes, "Is it?". Then, Tomika announces that the school play of Romeo and Juliet will be canceled. Freddy and Summer react in shock (Incidentally, Freddy is putting lip balm in his lips to prepare to kiss Summer). Then, Freddy says they can't cancel the play since Principal Mullins wouldn't approve. When his classmates don't budge, he goes to Principal Mullins who assures him they will still be doing Romeo and Juliet. Freddy reacts ecstaticly at this announcement, which shocks Principal Mullins. But then, Freddy is heartbroken when Principal Mullins announces that they are not doing Romeo and Juliet. Next, Freddy finally reveals his crush towards Summer to Mr. Finn, who then proceeds to text everybody until Freddy tells him not to. Mr. Finn then gives Freddy some advice by saying he should go for a role in the new play about the Alamo so he could be with Summer and tell his feelings for her. He then goes, but not before he races with Asher again, in which once again Freddy wins a major role in getting closer to Summer which is William Travis (Summer plays Davy Crockett) while Asher gets a minimal role as James Bowie. Then comes the play in opening night. In the last part of the play, Freddy as William Travis and Summer as Davy Crockett sing a duet on how their sacrifices might make the way for an independent Texas. At around the middle to end part of the duet, Freddy and Summer look at each other while singing about how dying is easy when they are together while Freddy proceeds to stroke Summer's face and look at her deeply. The two look at each other in that position until the rest of the cast members in the play say their parts in which Freddy and Summer make an awkward transition in singing their parts. Then, Freddy catches Summer as she shows Davy Crockett dead. But then, Freddy says to her, " Wait!" which wakes up Summer. He then proceeds to say, "I don't want this to be over. Being with you has been the most amazing time of my life". Tomika hears this and misinterpretates it as free styling. This also makes Summer puzzled who then says, " What are you doing?" while smiling to the confused audience. Freddy then picks up Summer and then proceeds to tell Summer his feelings by trying to say that it comes from deep in his heart and is something that had to come out. He then tries to say his feelings for her, which then gets interrupted by Clark firing guacamole at them. A food fight then proceeds, while Freddy and Summer hide behind a wall. Summer then tells Freddy that what he said was amazing, which Freddy smiles as saying " It was?" which he interprets as Summer returning his feelings. But then, Summer says that she really thought Freddy was a good actor since she really felt the connection between Crockett and Travis. Freddy, somewhat sad, says those two were really made for each other. Freddy and Summer then watch the food fight go on as the episode ends.

In A Matter of Trust, Freddy voices his objection to Zack and Lawrence pranking Summer because she's a nice person. Next, the three find what appeared to be a diary, which they assume to be Summer's. Freddy urges Zack and Lawrence to not read it, until Zack reads an entry about the perfect man for her. He then takes the dairy from the two boys and reads it while eating an apple. Then, he goes to the club where they supposedly got a gig and dresses in a costume. Freddy happily then asks Summer what she thinks of it. She replies, "It's very brave.". Freddy then talks of how he climbs a mountain to defend someone's honor, which is Summer's. Then, when Summer is berated by her friends for giving their gig to Night Lizard, Freddy defends her by saying that she is a nice and sweet person, but somewhat concedes that giving away their gig to Night Lizard was a bad idea. Later, Freddy stays with Summer while the rest of the group goes off until Tomika calls him. Then, Freddy once again defends Summer by saying that she shouldn't be fired from the band ashen the band starts to think of that. Finally, Freddy dresses in a German costume and meets Summer's grandmother. He then proceeds to shake her hand until the grandmothers exclaims that he's a handsome young man. It is then he learns that Summer's grandmother wrote the diary. Summer then comes in and looks at Freddy's costume. She then asks if he met her grandmother and Freddy replies that he did. Summer and her grandmother go off while Freddy walks off with his costume as the episode ends.

In Don’t Know What You Got (Til It’s Gone) Freddy defends Summer being sentimental until he sees a bag of hair that Summer has kept. He then decides to help Summer get rid of her old belongings. So, Freddy, along with Tomika, tries to help Summer. He asks Summer if she wants to get rid of her coffee mug, but Summer says that she's going to drink from the mug soon. Next, Freddy then questions Tomika if she is going to sell a whale punch bowl to get rid of Summer's sentimentalism. Freddy then says to Summer that he thought that Tomika selling the items was a good idea until Summer somewhat panics and he then says that he had some doubts and asked Tomika if it was okay to sell some items. Summer then says that she should let go over some items, in which Freddy reverts back to his previous statement so to once again to gain Summer's affection. Next, when Summer is shocked that the whale punch bowl was sold, Freddy then says that he urged Tomika not to sell any items and that he wasn't even there with the goal of getting Summer's back. Finally, when Summer is still mad at Tomika for selling the whale bowl, Freddy then says to Summer that he begged her not to sell the bowl and he gives Tomika an angry expression along with Summer. Tomika acts confused by all of this. Summer then storms out and Freddy says that " I'm still mad at Tomika too!" so Summer could heart it. Tomika then looks at him which makes Freddy reply, " I could have handled it better."

In Surprise, Surprise, At the end of the Episode, Freddy brings Summer further away from everyone and says that he has been trying to tell her something, but was scared of what Summer would say. He says, "Summer Ann Hathaway," but Summer corrects him and says her real middle name is Breeze. Freddy asks "really?" And Summer says, "My parents are the worst..." And smiles. Freddy now smiles and says, "Summer Breeze Hathaway--- I like you." Summer looks flattered and confused. "I mean, I really like like you." Summer then smiles and glares at Tomika, and then turns to Freddy again. The Episode never shows Summer's reply, this episode will be continued in, We Gotta get Outta this place.

In We Gotta Get Outta This Place, we see a flashback of Freddy’s confession as he talks to Tomika about how he hasn’t seen Summer since and Tomika comforts him and says Summer will reply him soon. Summer walks in on Freddy and Tomika hugging, ready to reply to his confession, then leaves the room disappointed that freddy and tomika are probably together. As Summer leaves, she bumps into the Principal and she tells summer to avoid Freddy instead of rejecting him, because that was what she did before. Summer then blatantly tries to avoid Freddy, despite Freddy being very aware of her avoiding him and tries to get close to her to talk . Even in an escape room, summer tries to avoid him by running away or crawling on the ground when he goes in her direction. In the end , Freddy tells himself that what’s the point of forcing something that’s not there. Summer talks to Tomika and realises that there is nothing going on being Tomika and Freddy and leaves to confess her feelings to Freddy. They meet and as she tries to tell him her feelings, Freddy says that he didn’t meant what he said and wants to remain friends since he thinks Summer doesn’t like him back. Summer then becomes disappointed as she thinks Freddy doesn’t like her anymore and they share a friendly hug, however they show signs of yearning and disappointment.

In Photograph, Summer asks Freddy why he took back what he said, and Freddy mentions how he didn't want to like her because she was avoiding him and didn't like him back. Summer agrees and says she was avoiding him because she thought Tomika liked him. Freddy says, "I never really stopped like liking you." And Summer says she like likes him too. At the end of the episode, when they take school pictures, Freddy steps forward, to stand by Summer.

In I Love Rock and Roll: Part 1, Summer drops her book and Summer and Freddy both kneel down to grab it which leads to their hands both touching each other. Freddy says, "sorry", but then thinks, "I'm so not sorry." Summer then says, "No biggie." and thinks, "OMG! Our hands just touched. Total biggie." Freddy then thinks to himself, "Play it cool," but then he says, "Cooliosious girl girl." He thinks, "What the heck was that?" to himself after. Summer then awkwardly says, "Words". Summer, like Freddy, was embarrassed by saying this and thought to herself, "Did I just say words? Get it together, Summer." Freddy then tries to change the topic and break the tension by saying, "So, anything interesting happening in your life?" While secretly thinking, "Maybe if I leave my hand here it will touch her’s again" She responds to his question by saying, “No, just the ushe.“ After saying that she thinks, "Oh my god, it's happening again, our first time holding hands!! Sort of." He is also thinking, "I don't care if this was an accident, this counts, we're a real couple!!" He then says rather nervous/excitedly "I think we're holding hands." She then agrees by saying ,"Yup!" also nervous/excitedly. He again repeats, "Yup!" very excitedly now. Summer then says, "But we probably shouldn't tell everyone yet." again insinuating that they are finally a real couple. He then says, "Yeah, they will probably make a big deal out of it." She then says, "So totally not a big deal." Then they both walk away, holding hands and they are both mentally screaming. Later on as they are practicing they both speed up on their instruments everytime they look at each other and completely throws off the tempo of the song. When the rest of the band asks why Freddy is acting so weird, Freddy says, "Oh uh, new drumsticks. Drumsticks that I really, really, like a lot." Freddy says smiling while obviously talking about Summer and not drumsticks while looking at her. Then Tomika asks, "What's so great about them?" Still thinking that he is talking about drumsticks. He replies, "They're prettier then the other sticks." Then Summer says, "Awwww." Freddy continues, "But not just pretty, they're smart, and dependable, and they're really focused on their future." Summer and Freddy both smile at each other and Tomika awkwardly says "OOOkkkaaayyy," then whispers exasperatedly to Mr. Finn, "Drummers." Mr. Finn just nods. Lawrence, being the weirdo that he is, says, "I think that it is nice that you have that kind or relationship with your instrument. You're beautiful too keyboard. I'm gonna call you Denise." Later, Freddy and Summer are supposed to be setting up the foam machine, but they get distracted by staring into each others eyes so Freddy ends up pouring too much in. Freddy asks Summer while pouring, " How much are we supposed to put in?" Summer replies while still not paying any attention to the foam " Lawrence said just a tiny bit." but then comments " Your a really good pourer." He replies " You should see me pour liquids."  Once they get back to school after Mr.Finn says that he can't figure out how everything went so wrong, Lawrence says" Summer and Freddy put too much soap in the foam machine and Freddy hit the wrong switch on the drum orb, but other than that it is a mystery. " He then points accusingly at Summer and Freddy. Then later at breakfast the next day Summer and Freddy sit next to each other staring into each other’s eyes and talking about the events of the previous day and Summer says "Yesterday was so much fun, I mean until we nearly drowned in foam and almost killed the music festival committee." Sounding happy and staring adoringly into Freddy’s eyes while Freddy says, "Best first date ever, but after that audition I'm thinking now is not the best time to tell the band about us." Summer answers," Right. Around everyone else we will just act totally normal.” They then have an awkward conversation with Zack and Lawrence where Freddy accidently holds Zacks hand. Then Later in class Mr. Finn starts blaming Summer and Freddy steps in saying that it was not just her fault. Then a while after that Freddy attempts to give Summer a note that says “I <3 You” on it he drops it and Zack picks it up. Freddy quickly covers up saying that it was for Zack. Zack opens it and glitter falls out of it. Summer knows that it was for her and is all like "Aww. You heart Zack?” and Freddy is like “Yeah” and Summer is like “And you even put glitter in it.” And Freddy says that he put glitter in it because he knew how much "Zack" likes glitter. When the band goes to see Deweys old band everybody stands in one area during Dewey's and Slade's rock off, but Summer and Freddy stand apart from everyone else. When the couple from Dewey's old band start fighting, Summer says to Freddy" Their a couple in the same band too." He responds by saying"That is so cool."

I Love Rock and Roll: Part 2

In the beginning of the episode, Tomika is talking to Zack that she wants to complain about Mr. Finn leaving the band, which she'd normally do to Summer, but she wasn't there. Seconds later she sneaks in through the back door, with Tomika asking where she was her response being "Just, Bee Boppin'." Another couple of seconds pass as Freddy comes in saying the same thing. He says hi to everyone, but he shakes Summer's hand and calls her Ms. Hathaway, which she shakes back saying "Um... Freddy." They shake hands and end the awkward moment there. Flash forward to the first band rehearsal with Mr. Finn's robot replacement, Freddy is very protective of Summer as the purple vomit Robot Mr. Finn is spuing out of him onto the kids. At the Austin Music Fest, when the group sections off to find Mr. Finn, Freddy and Summer go together, where they pass a fortune teller's tent. Summer insists Freddy gets his fortune read, wondering if they ended up living in a country home with three kids, two cats, and a pug named pickles. He looks at her confusingly saying "What?" and she answers nothing and insists once more he needs to get his fortune read. He finally gives in and gets his fortune read. At first he asks if he will keep his hair because his father is thinning, he is told he'll have a full head of hair till the day he dies, the teller asks if he wants to know what day that is, but he replies "Nope, just the hair thing" and gets up to leave. The fortune teller stops him and says that by the end of the day, the girl of his dreams will kiss him. He leaves the booth excited, then begins to tell Summer what he learned, to be interrupted by Tomika, Zack, and Lawrence. After returning Mr. Finn to his band (After him tipping a porta-potty and getting the disgusting blue liquid everywhere), he tells the band to never date a band member, because if it doesn't work out it's like dropping a bomb in the band, then Freddy and Summer give each other concerned faces. As they begin to leave to support Mr. Finn, Freddy stops her and they agree they'll have to stop dating for the band. She explains the concept of Fremmer to Freddy and he says he likes it. He tells her he'll wait as long as it takes for her, then she says "Then I guess this wil have to last us a while." him responding, "What will?" Then summer grabs his face and kisses him and walks away. He stays in place for a second and in a high pitched voice he says "Okay." Then he goes to join his friends very hyped up with the energy of the kiss. 

Similarities and Differences


  • They both attend William B. Travis Prep School.
  • They both are in School of Rock.
  • They both love music.
  • They both love astronomy.
  • They both attend Dewey Finn's class.
  • They both are close friends with Tomika, Zack, Lawrence, and Dewey Finn.
  • They both play percussion instruments.
  • They both know how to play the drums.
  • They both told Mr. Finn how they feel about each other. Summer told him in Cover Me, and Freddy told him in Love is a Battlefield.
  • They both told Tomika about their feelings towards each other.
  • They are both an only child.
  • Their last names both start with "H".
  • Both try to confess their feelings toward one another many times.
  • They both have a crush on each other.


  • Freddy is a boy; Summer is a girl.
  • Freddy has brown hair; Summer is a blonde.
  • Freddy is the drummer, Summer is the band manager and plays the tambourine.
  • Summer is smart and likes school, Freddy is not all that bright and dislikes school.
  • Freddy likes skateboarding; Summer is not all that interested in it.
  • Freddy is interested in the sci-fi series "Wormhole of Justice"; Summer only became interested in it because everyone else was.
  • Freddy had only one girlfriend before Summer, but Summer didn’t have a boyfriend before she and Freddy started dating.
  • Summer loves the Shakespeare play Romeo and Juliet, but Freddy does not. He was only interested in the play because he saw it as an opportunity to kiss Summer.


Season 1

Come Together

Summer: (Upon seeing Freddy skateboarding past her in the hallway) "I'm not impressed. (To Tomika) I am so impressed!"

Summer: "Can't you say he's(Freddy) cute like a normal person?"

Freddy: (Regarding Mr. Finn idea of eating the donuts from the teacher's lounge) "I'm in!"

Summer: (In agreement) "Me too! Freddy and I are in."

Cover Me

Summer: (Using her idea of having study partners over Mr. Finn actually teaching) "Who should be my study partner? I'll just pick the first person who comes to my mind, completely random. Freddy?"

Money (That's What I Want)

Freddy: (When Summer keeps Freddy as her co-worker after Regina wants him fired for messing up her cupcake order for Laura) "Thanks Summer! I'm glad my hard work is appreciated."

Season 2

Brilliant Disguise

Summer: "I like you, like 'like you-like you'."

Total Eclipse of the Heart

Freddy: "Hey Summer."

Summer: "Oh hey! I didn't think you were coming. Are you done with your garbage quilt?"

Freddy: "The thing about garbage quilts is that it's really hard to tell when you're done."

Summer: (Points to the blood moon) "Check it out."

Freddy: (Looks through the telescope and sees the Blood Moon) "Whoa! That's pretty awesome! The moon looks so red."

Summer: "Yeah. It's called a blood moon."

Freddy: I didn't know you were into astronomy too.

Summer: "Oh, yeah! For a little while when I was eight, I wanted people to call me 'Cassiopeia', but they just called me 'Peia' instead, so..."

(Freddy smiles at her while she's looking through the telescope. He's beginning to have feelings for her, but doesn't recognize then as so at that point.)

Freddy: "There's something different about you tonight."

Summer: "Hey, you should get Kale to come up here! She'd probably really like it." (She could be oblivious to his feelings for her and the meaning behind the sentence, or maybe she wasn't really paying attention.)

Freddy: "I don't know. She's so obsessed with saving the Earth, I'm kind of afraid of introducing her to another part of the solar system."

Summer: "Aw, come on. You should ask her before it's over."

(Freddy glances at Summer, who isn't looking back at him, and smiles again before going back down into the school to get Kale. He tries to get Kale to come with him but they break up after he says he doesn't like the same things she does. When Freddy returns to the roof, he sees Summer smiling up at Asher, who is putting his jacket around her. Freddy goes down into the school again, heartbroken and jealous of Asher being with Summer before him. It is possible that he may have tried to spend more time with her and confess his feelings, but he chose not to when he sees Asher talking to Summer on the roof.)

Season 3

Hold on Loosely

Freddy: " [Nervously] Summer, now that I'm leaving.. there's a few things that I wish I'd told you.. Like, um.. You're a really.. amazing... DRUMMER! and-"

Summer: "Thanks, Freddy! I was just warming up!"

(Summer then proceeds to play a hardcore drum solo as Freddy disappointedly leaves the classroom at the failed attempt of admitting his feelings for her.)

Do You Want to Know a Secret?

Freddy: ".. You know, if you're that interested, I hear writing the blog is a big honor."

Summer: "Aw, I couldn't want to take that honor away from you!"

Freddy: "I don't need honor, I got [pointing towards face] this."

(Summer nods in agreement)

Kool Thing

(Freddy is looking at pictures of Summer that he has in his locker. Summer then is walking up to him, which he quickly reacts by covering the pictures of Summer with a cloak of his own pictures)

Freddy: “Umm...Hey Summer! He he [scratches head nervously], haven’t seen you in a while.”

Summer: “Um didn’t we just walk to our lockers together? From the same classroom where we see each other all day?”

Freddy: “Yeah, but I thought I might have missed something in the last 23 seconds.”

Summer: “Nope, as usual there’s absolutely nothing exciting happening.”

(Later on)

(Freddy goes up to Summer who is at her locker) Freddy: Hey Summer!

(Summer smiles back happily in return)

Freddy: “I erm...wanted to ask you something.”

Summer: “Sure.”

Freddy: “Hai..well this is hard. [Takes a deep breath] What I wanted to say is that, I really really like someone.”

Summer: “Ooo who is it? Is it someone at this school?”

Freddy: “Yeah, and I have liked her for a while now.”

Summer: “Aww come on! You have to tell me who she is.”

Freddy: “I’ll give you a hint. She’s standing in this hallway right now.”

(Summer looks around the halls and sees a girl named Penny standing behind Freddy. She looks at Freddy to confirm and he nods his head yes in misunderstanding.)

Summer: [puts her hand on her chest in happiness] “I can’t believe it!”

Freddy: “I know, it feels so good to finally say it out loud.”

Summer: “You and Penny would be so cute together.”

Freddy: “So glad you feel that wait Penny?”

Penny: “Yes?”

Summer: “Freddy has something to tell you. [Pushes Freddy to Penny]”

(Later on waiting in line at the Hey Violet! Concert)

Summer: “I wonder how long we have to stay down here. I’m already cold.” [rubbing her arms]

Freddy: “Oh here! You can wear my jacket. [puts the jacket on Summer]

Summer: “Do you believe that if two people were meant to be that, fate will find a way to bring them together?”

Freddy: “Definetely!”

Summer: “I do too. And I think fate has brought us you and I.”

(Summer puts her hands on Freddy’s shoulders. Freddy looks at her hands then up to her face in shock and happiness. But Summer suddenly turns him around and he is faced to Penny who is standing behind him.)

Summer: “Fate!”

Freddy: “Oh good, this happened again.

Summer: “Uh so, Freddy, why don’t you tell Penny about some of your hobbies?”

Freddy: “Err.. I doubt you’ll like any of the same things I do.”

Penny: “Well, I’m mostly into skatebroading, music and hair products.”

Freddy: [Says this immediately after she replies]“I’m not a fan of any of those things. Well nice talking to you. ”

Penny: “OH, ok, yeah...nice talking to you too.” (Freddy turns back to face Summer)

Summer: “Well that’s was a disaster.”

Freddy: “Really? I thought my flirting was fire.”

Summer: “I’m so confused. Why did you lie to Penny?”

Freddy: “I guess I’m not interested in her. Maybe it’s because I’m having a great time hanging out with you.”

Summer: “I get it. I feel that same way.”

Freddy: “You do?”

Summer: “Yeah. It’s obvious to anyone who sees us. We’re prefect together.”

(Freddy starts to smile really big to her, thinking she feels the same way as him.)

Summer: “Best friends.”

Freddy: “What now?!”

Summer: “Yeah! You’re like having a great girlfriend who’s a boy.”

Freddy: “So I’m your GIRLFRIEND?”

Summer: “How cool is that?!”

Freddy: “So cool... I want my jacket back.”


Summer: "No, I mean, why did you take back that you liked me?"

Freddy: "I didn't wanna like someone who was avoiding me and didn't like me back."

Freddy: "...I never really stopped like-liking you."

Summer: "I like-like you too!"

I Love Rock and Roll: Part 2

Freddy: ”Do you think what Mr. Finn said about dating a band mate is true?”

Summer: ”We sure messed up the Dewey Finn Experience.”

Freddy: ” It feels weird keeping this a secret from our friends...”

Summer: ”If we’re gonna keep School of Rock going, then maybe right now isn’t the right time for us. We have to put the band first.”

Freddy: ”You’re right.”

Summer: "Oh... erm... what did the fortune teller say?”

Freddy: ” Oh, it doesn’t matter. I don’t believe in that stuff anyway.”

Summer: ”I guess Fremmer will have to wait...”

Freddy: ”Fremmer?”

Summer: ”Just a nickname I came up with for the two of us, you know, Freddy and Summer.”

Freddy: ”I like it. Summer, I’ll wait as long as it takes”

Summer: ”And this will have to last us a while...”

Freddy: ”What will?”

(Summer kisses Freddy)

Freddy: (in shock) "Okay."


  • In the first season, there was a relationship on Summer's side. From Total Eclipse of the Heart, it changed. Seems like after Summer got over Freddy, Freddy started to see who she is (and not who she pretended to be for him) and started to like her and then, they had a relationship by Freddy's side. This is a flipped version of how Freddy didn't have feelings for Summer in the series up to that point. However, in Season 3, it is revealed they both have feelings for each other.
  • Jama Williamson posted a picture on Instagram where Freddy is touching Summer's hair and staring into her eyes, saying something to her. This scene is part of Love is a Battlefield.
  • An Instagram live stream featuring Jade Pettyjohn, Ricardo Hurtado, and Will Kindrachuk confirmed that Season 3 will revolve around the Freddy, Summer, and Asher love triangle.
  • In the episode of the second season, Is She Really Going Out with Him?, Freddy reveals that he hates hats. However, in another episode of the third season, A Matter of Trust, he wore a hat because he thought that Summer's ideal man would wear one.
  • They start dating in Photograph but break up in I Love Rock and Roll: Part 2.
  • In the movie, they barely interact and Summer shows no interest towards him.
  • They go on their first date in I Love Rock and Roll: Part 1.
  • They are shipped by Tomika and Mr. Finn.
  • Jade Pettyjohn and Ricardo Hurtado ship Freddy and Summer.
  • They hold hands for the first time in I Love Rock and Roll: Part 1.
  • They share their first kiss in I Love Rock and Roll: Part 2.
  • They are the most shipped pair on School of Rock.

Shipped Names

  • Fremmer (Fre/ddy and Su/mmer)
  • Seddy (S/ummer and Fr/eddy) [not to be confused with Sam and Freddie from iCarly]
  • Fummer (F/reddy and S/ummer)
  • Frummer (Fr/eddy and S/ummer)


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