Freddy and Kale, primarily known as Keddy and Kreddy, is the romantic/friendship pairing between Freddy Huerta and Kale in School of Rock. They were together for the majority of Season 2; before breaking up in the episode, Total Eclipse of the Heart. They still remain good friends.


Season 2

Freddy and Kale were first seen together in Wouldn't It Be Nice? where Kale became Freddy's locker partner after Summer chose Zack over him.

Later, in With or Without You, she is shown to be a fan of a movie Freddy really liked and was with him, Zack, (new) Lawrence, Summer, and Tomika at the movie's premiere.

In Brilliant Disguise, Freddy had asked her to the dance, and during the student council meeting she tried to hold his hand and whispered something in his ear (both actions caused Summer to be jealous). However, due to School of Rock performing as the musical group, he tried to find a way to tell her he couldn't be with her that night (which she wrote about more than compost). At the dance, Freddy was revealed to actually be with Kale on the dance floor while the custodian sat in his place for the band (Lawrence's Freddy 5000 doing the actual drumming). In the end, Freddy and Kale slow-danced together, unknown to them that a heartbroken Summer was watching.

In Voices Carry, Freddy and Kale kept saying goodbye to each other in order to not be the last person to say it. However, Clark was coming down the hall with tardy-markers and Kale told Freddy that she would be in trouble if her dad found out. In order to protect Kale, Freddy reluctantly joined the Aca-Fellas in a deal with Clark.

In Is She Really Going Out With Him, Freddy speaks of Kale in a high manner, causing Summer to break the band's bongos. At that point, Freddy and Kale were together for a month and want to celebrate by getting each other gifts. Freddy asks Summer to meet with after school to get Kale a gift with the choices being a stuffed octopus or a gift card for a vegan restaurant (Summer believes that he wanted to say he liked her over Kale, but ended up helping Freddy by choosing the octopus). Kale also gets Summer's help through her homemade smoothies, and the girls search through the dumpster to find materials for a hat (upon Summer's false information to Kale) to which Kale reveals that whatever gift she gets makes him smile as it would mean the world to her. In the end, Summer has Kale give Freddy the Dave Grohl signature drumsticks instead of the hat and the couple give each other the right gifts and walk away holding hands.

In Total Eclipse of the Heart, Freddy and Kale arrive at William B. Travis Prep School together for the lock-in by walking together (something Kale calls a carbon-pool). They walk together through the halls before Kale has Freddy release a hornet back into the wild with Summer watching. She pulls the stinger out from his hand and Summer feels her rash on her arm, causing her to leave with Asher to the bathroom. Later, Kale recounts a story to Summer and she and Freddy were knitting a quilt from garbage. Summer asks the couple if they're going to see the eclipse, and while Freddy says yes, Kale says no and Freddy changes his answer to no. Later, while on the school roof, Freddy and Summer share a conversation about their interest in astronomy and she has Freddy ask Kale to come up and see it. Before Freddy leaves, he notices something different about Summer and it stays with him as he goes down to get Kale. However, Kale says that she's busy knitting sweaters for balding coyotes and Freddy gives up. He tells her that he wants to do something he likes with her after doing things she likes, and it leads to Freddy and Kale breaking up. Kale tells Freddy to find a girl with the same interests as him, with eclipses as an example, and Freddy realizes that he now has feelings for Summer. With the hope to ask Summer to be his girlfriend, Freddy returns to the school roof to find Summer and Asher together at the telescope. He watches as Asher gives Summer his jacket to warm her up in the cold and goes back down into the school feeling heartbroken and jealous.

Season 3


Similarities and Differences


  • They both attend William B. Travis Prep School.
  • They both like the same sci-fi movie.
  • Their favorite condiment is mustard.
  • Both of them sought Summer's advice in getting the other a gift.
  • They both know the identities of School of Rock.


  • Physical Differences: Freddy is male, Kale is female. Freddy has hazel eyes, Kale has blue eyes. Freddy has brown hair, Kale has blonde hair.
  • Freddy is interested in astronomy. Kale is not.
  • Kale has an interest in nature and saving the planet. Freddy does not seem all that interested as seen in Total Eclipse of the Heart, where he pretended to in order to make her happy.
  • Freddy and Kale have different homeroom classes.


You know me better than I know myself!
—Freddy to Kale (Is She Really Going Out With Him)


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