Esmeralda, or Esme for short, is a recurring character on School of Rock. She is Lawrence‘s love interest within the series.

She is portrayed by Haley Powell.


Esme is first seen in The Story About Us (But More About Me) where she greets Lawrence, Freddy, and Mr. Finn in the hallway. Lawrence tries to give her a cool greeting by leaning on a locker door before falling down. She is established as Lawrence's love interest in (Really Really) Old Time Rock and Roll and returns his affections after he performs a song about her, singing about how he truly feels about her. Since then, she has helped out the band when they need her, even though she doesn't know their secret.


If there was one word to describe Esme, it would be sweet. She is incredibly kind to those she meets and is willing to help a friend in need, especially when it involves her love interest, Lawrence Dooley. Her love and kindness know no bounds!


Lawrence Dooley

Boyfriend/Love Interest/Good Friend

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Lawrence and Esme became an official couple in the episode, (Really Really) Old Time Rock and Roll after Lawrence wrote and performed a song for her. Since then, their relationship has grown stronger as it branches into doing different activities together, from haunted house projects to laser tag.From time to time she pokes fun by saying things like "I liked him before he was a hottie." to Lawrence in the episode Not Afraid.


Season 1

Season Apperances: 2/12

Season 2

Season Appearances: 4/13

Season 3

Season Appearances: 5/20

Overall Appearances: 11/45


  • She is a member of the Travis Prep Spanish Club.
    • She is also a member of the Lawrencians laser tag team.
  • She was a fairy princess in the Halloween themed episode, Welcome to My Nightmare.
  • Esmeralda, along with Clark, were the only two recurring characters to have appeared in all three seasons of the show.
  • Her eleventh and last appearance was the last filmed episode of the series, Photograph.
  • She, throughout the series, had a romance with Lawrence.
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