Guys, if ever there was a time to trust someone, its now.
—Summer to the Band

Do You Want to Know a Secret is the second episode in Season 3 of School of Rock. It premiered on July 15, 2017, to 0.91 million viewers.


When the band gets a new classmate who is unable to keep a secret, it threatens the future of the band.


The episode starts off with Summer, Tomika, and Kale walking down the halls talking about last night's bowling game until they bump into Lawrence. Who thinks he forget to wear his pants because of the Summer, Tomika, and Kale's shocked faces. But after looking down, he realizes, he has his pants and everyone is relieved. Tomika then asks Lawrence why he was wearing a "sassy belt", with Lawrence saying he earned it from 8 years of intense jiu jitsu training, but lost it under the couch until yesterday.

Across the hall from them, Asher is talking about how the School of Rock's new song, and saying how it's in stuck in his head. Kale overhears Asher and runs up to him and starts to sing some of the lyrics from "Future Starts Right Now" with him.

Summer walks up to them commenting on how much they love School of Rock, with Kale telling her she loves her parents, but what she feels for School of Rock is much more. Summer then goes back to Tomika and Lawrence saying how much they love School of Rock. Lawrence then tells Summer and Tomika how he's having goosebumps in places he didn't know could. Tomika then tells Lawrence not to ruin this for her.

Kale and Asher continue to talk sbout School of Rock and how their new single is coming up Friday, as said on the School of Rock blog, with Kale saying how she checks for new information on the blog all the time. They keep on talking about how much they know about School of Rock, with Kale wishing she knew their true idenities. Asher then compliments the bass player for their funky lick after the first chorus. Kale then tells Asher how she loves that part too. But after, Kale realizes that she stopped getting cell service (So she can't check the School of Rock blog for new information), and runs down the hall looking for bars.

Tomika, and Summer and Lawrence trailing behind her, goes up to Asher telling him the trick on how the bass player (Since she's actually the bass player for School of Rock) did the funky lick for the first chorus is pooping the E string with your thumb. But then Asher tells Tomika that she should read the blog before she makes dum guesses. But Tomika responds saying that she doesn't need to read the blog causing Asher to fire back telling her if she wants to know what she's talking about, she should read the blog. Tomika then yells at Asher that she doesn't need to read the blog because she's the one who played it, therefore accidently revealing to Asher that she's the bass player to School of Rock. Asher becomes surprised but, Lawrence then goes up to Asher and knocks him out. Tomika then asks Lawrence if he's..., with Lawrence telling Tomika "as a doornail". Summer then says "DEAD!?". But Lawrence says no, as he thought the expression was sleepy as a doornail. Tomika tells Lawrence that's not the expression. Lawrence just tells the girls that Asher is fine, but he won't remember anything when he wakes up. Tomika then tells Summer and Lawrence to run.

In the classroom, Tomika is telling everyone about how everybody loves School of Rock and Asher is taking a nap in the hallways, because of Lawrence's jiu jitsu skills. Mr.Finn tells Lawrence how he has two, mastered the art of watching kung fu movies. Mr.Finn goes to attack Lawrence, but Lawrence flips Mr.Finn first. Summer then tells everyone about a problem, which is how everyone is dieing to know who School of Rock true idenities are. Freddy thinks to wonder, if School of Rock wasn't a secret. Zack tells everyone that he could finally wear his School of Rock jacket with the patch on and puts the patch on. Mr.Finn laughs saying that he would also be fired and takes the patch off of Zack's jacket and throws it on Zack's desk. Tomika agrees with Mr.Finn saying that their parents would freak out if they found out the were rocking in class everyday. Freddy then tells everybody that it would be better if they kept it a secret. But Freddy sometimes like to imagine them being rockstars with tour buses, giant stadiums, girls chanting Freddy's name. Then from outside of the classroom, girls come chanting Freddy's name. Zack, being jealous, yells at the girls saying that he uses hair products too. Summer then asks everybody, if they could tell one person about the band who would it be. Lawrence starts it off by saying Sharon. Everybody looks at Lawrence with a confused look. Lawrence then tells everybody that's his mom. Tomika says she would tell her brother. Who's only 4 months old, but Tomika thinks he will get it. Freddy also says sharon looking up at the ceiling until Lawrence nudges his shoulder. Summer then tells everybody, because their all friends with her now, Kale. But Tomika tells everybody, that would be the last person she would tell. Only because she's terrible at keeping secrets. Then a flashback to Tomika's birthday party.

In the flashback, Tomika and Kale are in the lunch area, and Kale goes to give Tomika her present. Tomika opens the present to see a new helmet. Kale then tells Tomika that the helmet is specifically designed for the hoverboard that her mom bought her. Except, Tomika didn't know her mom bought her a hoverboard. Tomika's mom was supposed to give her that for her surprised party, that Kale just blurted out. Tomika also did not know about the surprise party. Everyone then jumps out of their hiding spots and leaves.

Back to the present, Summer agrees with Tomika that she wouldn't pick Kale to be the one person she picks, know about the band. Summer also continues to tell everybody that they should be focusing on a new song because someone (Freddy), put on the blog that it would be coming out this Friday. Freddy responds back by saying that he didn't even want to do the blog. Tomika tells Freddy that he shouldn't have been out sick the day they decided who would write the blog. Mr.Finn tells the students that they need to get a new song out or else they will move on to the next band. Tomika then tells the band that they will be spending all their class time working on the new song. Everyone agrees. Then, walking through the door, Kale comes in with Principal Mullins announcing that she's their new classmate. Everyone has a shocked expression across their face. Kale takes a shocked face selfie.

Mr.Finn asks Principal Mullins how long Kale will stay in their class, with Principal Mullins telling the class that she is saying in their class permanently. Principal Mullins leaves the classroom. Kale was so happy that she could cry, and because she stopped using tissues to save the forest, Kale takes Summer's sleeve and starts to wipe her tears away with it.

Summer asks Mr.Finn if she, Tomika, Freddy, Zack, and Lawrence could all get a bathroom pass to go to the bathroom. Mr.Finn asks why they would all need to go to the bathroom at the same time. Tomika gives Mr.Finn a look telling him that it's because they do, with Summer adding how even Mr.Finn needs to go to the bathroom too. Mr.Finn asks "I do?" The kids give him a look. Mr.Finn says then says he does. Mr.Finn tells everybody to go. But Kale asks why Summer knows when Mr.Finn has to go to the bathroom. Mr.Finn tells Kale that Summer has PPESP. Summer then says "Ew", but covering up with saying "It's a gift". Kale asks Summer if she has to go and Summer says no. Everyone leaves the classroom.

Tomika, Freddy, and Zack complain how they can't work on their new song or talk about it with Kale in their class. Mr.Finn tells the class to hurry up with their discussion because he actually needs to go to the bathroom. Mr.Finn tries to do a ninja strike to Lawrence but Lawrence grabs Mr.Finn's hand and twists it. Mr.Finn stops Lawrence and gets how Lawrence is a purple belt. Lawrence tells Mr.Finn, that what he did to him, is not even jiu jitsu, it's something that Nancy Moskin did to him in the third grade. Summer suggests that they give Kale another chance, but everyone says no. Mr.Finn has a idea and everyone goes back into the classroom.

Back in the classroom, Mr.Finn announces to everybody, that Kale is the class's new go getter. Everyone applauses. Kale is very happy and surprised. She asks what a go getter is though. Mr.Finn explains to her that a go getter is when the class needs something, they go get it. Mr.Finn gives Kale her first mission. She has to get a number four coffee filter, some purple chalk, eight popsicle sticks, and a one direction refrigerator magnet. Kale goes to get the stuff. Once she leaves, everybody goes to get their stuff.

Freddy goes to Summer and tells her that writing the blog is a great honor. Summer tells Freddy that she couldn't take that honor away from him. Freddy tells Summer that he doesn't need honor, he has his face, while pointing to it. Summer nods.

Mr.Finn tells everybody to start rehearsing, even though it's gonna take forever for Kale to find all that stuff. The alarm then alerts everybody that someone is coming into the classroom rings. Everybody puts away their stuff, and Tomika yells out that, that was the shortest rehearsal ever. Everybody goes to sit back down at their desks.

Kale bursts through the door, and gives Mr.Finn everything on the list. And that she got a basket full of hugs, and asks who wants one. Summer says "Awwwwww" and hugs Kale. Zack says he wants one too, but Lawrence hugs him instead.

The bell rings for lunch and everybody leaves with Kale infront, and everybody else behind her. Without her knowing, everybody walks back into the classroom. The band starts rehearsing, while eating their lunch. It turns out to be a disaster, as they can't eat and play at the same time. They make a mess in the classroom.

After Lunch, in the classroom, Lawrence goes up to Mr.Finn's desk to put something in the pencil holder. But what he didn't know was that Mr.finn was camoflauged with the chalkboard. So Mr.Finn jumped out to attack Lawrence, but Lawrence kicked him in the head.

Kale comes bursting through the door. She tells everybody that she found a School of ROck patch in the hallway. That means she knows that School of Rock goes to their school. Everybody pretends to not believe her. Kale is going to find a School of Rock true idenities and asks Summer, Tomika, Freddy, Zack and Lawrence to help her. Lawrence gets nervous and knocks himself out.

In the luch area, Freddy tells everybody that Kale isn't going to stop finding out who School of Rock true idenities are. Freddy tells everybody that Kale is obsessed with them. Tomika complains about how they are so great. Mr.Finn comes to the lunch area and announces that he finished writing his resume for when Kale spills the beans since he is going to need a new job. He shows Zack his resume and asks about what he thinks. Zack tells Mr.Finn that hairy back is not a skill. Mr.Finn mistakens, that, that is his dating profile. Summer keeps on telling everybody that they should really trust Kale, as the secret she blabbed, were a long time ago, and she has matured alot since last semester. Freddy tell SUmmer that they just can't take that chance. Tomika tells everybody that it's such a shame because Kale is one of the best person she knows because she's very honest and sweet. And Summer adds that she is very compassionate for animals and cares about the planet because she is fundraising money to clean up the moon. The thing that Summer misses the most about Kale is her hugs. Tomika tells Summer that she'll give her a hug. SUmmer says she doesn't want a pity hug. Zack says he does, but Lawrence, again, hugs him instead. Tomika gets an idea that they should test Kale, and give her a fake secret, and see if she tells anyone. Freddy says that might work.

Summer comes back from telling Kale a fake secret, and believes that she won't tell anyone. Then comes a girl and says hey to Zack, and calls him wartymcboogerface. Zack gets up and asks Summer if that secret had anything to do with him. Summer tells Zack that she told Kale that Zack has a booger and wart problem. Zack tells Summer that she made up everything but his name. That gives Summer the idea of a fake name. Which is a good tip for next time. A clueless Freddy asks Zack why he never told him about his booger and wart problem. Zack tells Freddy that, that is because he doesn't have a booger and wart problem. Then another girl walks by saying, hey boogertwashington, to Zack. Mr.Finn laughs at the joke saying that, that was hurtful. Zack sits back down saying that name will stick. Everyone starts complaining about Kale, and Kale overhears this. She takes a boy's hat, and wipes her tears and sneezes into it with it, and puts the hat back on the boy's head. Kale then runs away.

In the classroom, Mr.Finn is teaching, but Kale isn't there. Freddy tells Mr.Finn that she never came back from lunch. Kale then wals through the door saying she was talking to Principal Mullins. Mr.Finn says it's fine, and tells her to take a seat. Kale tells Mr.Finn that she isn't in Mr.Finn's class anymore. She came to get her things. Freddy asks Kale why she transferred out. Kale tells them that she overheard them saying that having her in the class was a nightmare. Tomika asks Kale if that's all she heard. Kale says yes. Tomika is relieved. Summer looks at her. Tomika apologizes. Summer tells Kale that it's not what she thinks. Kale, happy, asks them that they do want her in the class. Zack tells Kale that it's actually pretty much what she thinks. Summer looks at Zack. Kale tells them that she won't bother them again. Freddy tells Kale to not go, and that they like her, and want to be friends and hang out with her. But Lawrence ruins the moment by saying not in this classroom, and he will sleep like a baby, knowing she's not here. Everybody looks at Lawrence. Kale starts to leave. Summer whipers to everyone that if there was a time to trust someone, it would be now. Everybody looks at eachother. Tomika springs out of her chair and tells Kale that their School of Rock. Kale doesn't believe them, so the band have to prove it to her. They go to the janitor's closet.

In the janitor's closet, Kale still doesn't believe that Summer, Tomika, Freddy, Zack, Lawrence, and Mr.Finn are School of Rock because she Doesn't think School of Rock, recorded her favorite song in the janitor's closet, in the basement of her school. Freddy tells Kale that it;s pretty hard to believe, but opens the closet, revealing School of Rock's recording studio. Kale walks in surprised. The rest of the band comes in. Mr.Finn tells Kale to take a seat. She sits on a chair infront of the band. Tomika tells Kale that their about to perform a song she might know. They sing "Future Starts Right Now". Kale claps. Freddy tells Kale to not tell anybody or else it would be the end of the band. Tomika adds that they would be kicked out of the school. Lawrence adds that their parents would ground them until they were 87. Mr.Finn tells Kale that he would also be fired. Zack asks Kale if he'd get another job, cause he's not. Everyone nod their heads in agreement. Kale tells the band that she doesn't want any of that to happen. Kale tells the band that they might be surprised but, she's bad at keeping secrets. Everyone lies saying that they don't know she's bad at keeping secrets. But Tomika eventually tells Kale they know. Summer also tells Kale that, that is the only reason why they didn't want her in their class. Mr.Finn asks Kale that now since she knows, if she wants to come back. Kale says no, as she wouldn't be able to focus on school being in the same class as her favorite, and she would be too starstruck. Freddy asks Kale if she's sure. Kale says yes, and thanks them for the private concert, and she will never forget for as long as she lives. Kale forgets about how she has to keep the band's idenities a secret and says she can't wait to tell... remembering about the secret, she can't wait to tell her diary. Everyone is relieved. Freddy tells Kale that she could be in charge of writing the SOR blog. Kale says that it would be the greatest honor ever, and leaves thee recording studio. Summer hearing that it would be the greatest honor ever to write the blog, rethinks her decision of writing the blog, and that she could write the blog. Freddy tells Summer that she had her chance and storms off, leaving a confused Summer.

Principal Mullins approaches Kale and asks how she looks so excited for something. Summer, Tomika, Freddy, Zack, and Lawrence in the back listening to the conversation. Kale tells Principal Mullins that she is excited for something and she can't hold it back any longer. Kale is about to say something until she notices SUmmer, Tomika, Freddy, Zack, and Lawrence. Kale tells Principal Mullins that she is excited because her fundraiser to clean the moon has raised $150, and needs only 85 million dollars to go. Summer, Tomika, Freddy, Zack, and Lawrence are all relieved. Principal Mullins looks annoyed. Principal Mullins tells Kale that she has already donated $5 to the fundraiser and that's all that she is going to squeeze out of her, and that she has dreams too. Principal Mullins walks off. Kale screams your secret's safe with me. Everyone looks at Kale and walks off. Summer, Tomika, Freddy, and Zack quicky walk off.

At his locker, Lawrence is trying to get his locker open. Principal Mullins asks Lawrence if there is a problem with his locker. Lawrence tells Principal Mullins that his locker seems to be stuck. Principal Mullins tells Lawrence to allow her to try. Principal Mullins tries to pull open the locker and when she manages to, Mr. Finn is in the locker and screams "NINJA STRIKE" shooting out his hands at Principal Mullins. Principal Mulllins screams, and Mr. Finn screams. While screaming, Principal Mullins pulls out pepper spray and sprays it at Mr. Finn's face. He runs down the hall screaming. Mr. Finn having pepper spray in his eyes, screams in pain. While closing his locker, Lawrence tells Mr. Finn that he did a good job and closes his locker while walking off.


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  • Scott Chernoff as Knuckles



  • Kale and Asher both make their first appearances in Season 3.
  • Kale finds out about the identity of School of Rock and agrees to keep it a secret. As of this episode, she becomes the writer of the band's blog.
  • Tomika accidentally tells Asher about the band. However, due to Lawrence knocking him out, he doesn't remember being told this.
  • This title is a reference to "Do You Want to Know a Secret" by The Beatles.
  • Jama Williamson, who portrays Principal Mullins, only makes a cameo for a second-consecutive episode.
  • This episode has the same title as a Season 2 episode of K.C. Undercover. It is too the second episode of a series, but for the second season, not the third.
  • The title relates with Summer wanting to tell Kale their secret.



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