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I'm gonna give you awesome nicknames!
—Dewey Finn ( Come Together)

Dewey Finn is a main character on School of Rock. He's an unsuccessful musician who wants to rock out and teach the students. He was a substitute teacher, but in Changes, he becomes a permanent teacher at William B. Travis Prep School.

He is portrayed by Tony Cavalero.


Dewey is a hippie and poor person destined to be on top. He used to work in an ice-cream stand. His mother is a substitute teacher, and he said his mother loved the students, so he faked a teacher certificate and became the substitute teacher of 21-B. After Mrs. Calpakis came back, he became very emotional, but then was transferred to be a kindergarten teacher. However, the kindergarteners are too evil, so Mrs. Calpakis went to be a kindergarten teacher, and Dewey became an official teacher for 21-B.


Dewey is a rocking musician who only thinks about having fun and learning about music. He is described by Freddy as "barely an adult" and is very childish. However, he manages to inspire the students, and teach them in the same time.


Principal Mullins

Boss/Possible Crush

Principal Mullins is very friendly with Mr. Finn and enjoys his presence as he is seen teaching the students more than what she expected. Mr. Finn likes her as he can keep his job by impressing her and earning her approval. However, in Is She Really Going Out With Him, it is implied that she might have feelings for Mr. Finn when she looks at him from behind and smiles.

Summer Hathaway

Student/Good Friend

Compared to the boys, Dewey holds closer relationships with the girls, especially Summer. In The Story of Us (But More About Me), he helps Summer try and prove herself as a songwriter and generally helps her find a place in the band, earning her title of band manager from him (Should I Stay or Should I Go?). He later help her become a great singer through hypnosis and fixes her friendship with Tomika when they spark a rivalry (I Put a Spell On You).


Student/Good Friend

Like Summer, Tomika holds a close relationship with Dewey. He inspires her to be herself and not fear the limelight as the bassist and singer for the band even with embarrassment (We Can Be Heroes...Sort Of). He helps her out again in Total Eclipse of the Heart by helping her overcome her fear of sleeping away from home. In Don't Let Me Be Misunderstood, Dewey recommends that Tomika tells Zack that she just wants to be friends with him so that the confusion they caused could be solved.


And by "party" they meant trick'or'treat!
—Dewey Finn (Welcome To My Nightmare)


  • He is different to the movie version of Dewey Finn.
    • Compared to his movie counterpart, he didn't change his name and uses his real name.
  • He wrote Summer's recommendation on a napkin.
  • According to Summer, he rarely showers.
  • He is frequently late to teach the students.
  • He lives in the basement at home with his father.
  • His mother also works as a substitute teacher.
  • He never received any straight A's, B's or C's while he was in school.
  • He is right-handed.
  • He said that his middle name Is Alejandro.
  • He once put 40 bees in his mouth to get tickets to a concert, which resulted in him ending up in the hospital for a week and missing the concert.
  • It was his childhood dream to play at the Austin Music Festival.
  • He, along with Tomika, ship Freddy and Summer.


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