Daya is an American singer and songwriter from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. She guest starred in the episode I Put a Spell on You, And her song Hide Away was covered by Summer.

Life and Career

Daya's professional career began when her parents accompanied her to Los Angeles to work with Christina Chirumbolo and Gino Barletta, founders of INSIDE ACCESS by Accelerando, Brett McLaughlin, Britten Newbill and Noisecastle III at Paramount Recording Studios. It was during one of these writing sessions that her debut single "Hide Away" was written and recorded, and Barletta consequently introduced Daya to Steve Zap of Z Entertainment. Daya, who was a junior at the time, said she didn't think anything would happen for a while, and went back to high school the next day. A radio promotions veteran, Zap liked the song and was interested in helping to promote the singer, leading to forming an independent label with Barletta called Artbeatz.

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