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Clark O'Shannon is a recurring character on School of Rock. He is a student at William B. Travis Prep School and Principal Mullins' right-hand man. He has many responsibilities (such as Hall Monitor and he was a School DJ - until Brilliant Disguise).

He is portrayed by Ivan Mallon.


Season 1

Season Appearances: 4/12

Season 2

Season Appearances: 9/13

Season 3

Season Appearances: 12/20

Overall Appearances: 25/45


  • He was the school DJ, up until the episode, Brilliant Disguise, when he embarrassed himself in front of the school.
  • He is currently the hall monitor, the Leader of the Acafellas and is known as Principal Mullins’ right-hand man.
  • He is one of the only characters to know the identities of School of Rock.
  • Clark, along with Esmeralda, were the only two recurring characters to have appeared on all three seasons.
  • He is the recurring character who appears most, he is present on more episodes, than he is absent.