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Are You Ready to Rock? is the official theme song for the Nickelodeon TV series, School of Rock. It is performed by the band, School of Rock.


Stop telling me to read between the lines
It all adds up to one thing
[Five, four, three, two, one]
If you think you`re gonna lose your cool
Or sometimes you`re gonna break the rules
Hey show me what you know, give it up to rock and roll,
cause we ain't gonna stop
If you`re feeling like you`re getting schooled,
there`s an answer right in front of you
Hey show me what you know
Give it up to rock and roll,
cause we ain`t gonna stop
Are you ready to rock?!


  • The song was remixed by the YouTube user, Alpha23, in which he included more heavy metal styles.
    • The show actually bought the song, as it would suit the theme song for the show.
  • For Season 3, a new version was used.

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