Being nice is what makes you... Summer.
—Tomika to Summer

A Matter of Trust is the thirteenth episode in Season 3 of School of Rock. It premiered on February 11, 2018, to an audience of 0.73 million viewers.


Summer takes pity on the band's nemesis, Justin from Night Lizard, after he falls on hard times, and agrees to help his music career despite her friends' caution.


On a stormy day, Tomika is playing in a puddle inside the school and encourages Summer to do the same; however, when Summer tries, she slips and falls into a bucket. A stranger offers to help Summer out of the bucket, but when she looks up, she discovers it is Justin from Night Lizard, who claims they have have been repeatedly failing to get a gig. Still upset about the trouble he has previously caused, Tomika is quick to not trust him, despite him apologizing. Meanwhile, Freddy, Zack, and Lawrence pull a prank on Mr. Finn involving an oatmeal cannon. Upset that this happened, he wants nothing more to do with pranks, but when Zack says that they also wanted to pull the prank on Summer, he suddenly changes his mind. When Tomika and Summer walk in, Mr. Finn desperately tries to get the prank to succeed. However, when Summer sits at her desk and takes out a pencil, nothing happens. Mr. Finn then becomes upset and looks into the desk's cubby, only to be shot with oatmeal again. Later, Zack and Lawrence find and start reading Summer's diary. At first, Freddy disapproves of this; however, when he hears that it is about what to find in a perfect man, he quickly changes his tune. Meanwhile, Tomika and Summer are in the classroom when Justin walks in, whom Tomika still does not trust. When Justin hears about how smart of a manager Summer is for School of Rock, he suggests that she manages Night Lizard. Summer wants to help, but Tomika does not believe a single word. Later, the group discovers that they were not chosen to perform in Battle of the Bands, which upsets Tomika. Wanting to see who stole their gig, Tomika later brings the group to Battle of the Bands. She then discovers that the band who stole their gig was none other than Night Lizard and that Summer agreed to be their new manager. The next day when Mr. Finn calls a band meeting, Tomika states that Summer is no longer School of Rock's manager, which upsets Summer, who was just trying to help someone, causing her to leave. In the hallway, Summer tells Justin that she is no longer part of School of Rock. Justin then casually enters the classroom to check up on the others and is very sarcastic about the situation on the way out. Later, the others discuss about firing Summer, which pleases Justin. Mr. Finn then states that School of Rock is officially broken up, which further pleases Justin, who has been listening outside. Mr. Finn then opens the door and Justin falls on the floor. Tomika then confronts Justin and insists it is his fault, which at first he sarcastically denies, but then admits it was him. When Tomika threatens to tell Summer, Justin tells her he will just deny it and that Summer will believe him because she is a softy. Unfortunately for him, Summer has been in the cabinet listening to everything. Later, Freddy, dressed as the "perfect man", runs into Summer's grandmother, where he discovers that the diary belongs to her and that she just lent it to Summer for her creative writing class.


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  • Jama Williamson, who plays Principal Mullins, is absent for the fourth time in Season 3.
  • This episode was originally scheduled to air on November 15, 2017 but was rescheduled for February 11, 2018.
  • The title is a reference to ‘A Matter of Trust’ by Billy Joel.
  • The title is a spoof on the phrase "There's only a matter of time".
  • Summer helping Justin behind her friends backs is similar to an episode in another show, Henry Danger, in the episode Sick & Wired.
  • According to social media, the episode had already aired in Africa, before the release date.
  • Mindy Sterling, who portrayed Summer's grandmother, Gloria, played a recurring character, Miss Briggs, on the former Nickelodeon show, iCarly, from 2007 until 2012.
  • In this episode, it was shown that Freddy was wearing a hat to impress Summer, even though he stated that he hates hats. (Is She Really Going Out with Him?)
  • The is the shortest episode of the show; as on, this episode only runs with a duration of 17:27 minutes. However, there is an abrupt end to the episode (meaning it is possibly only a glitch). 
  • As of this episode, Justin becomes the janitor at William B. Travis Prep School
  • Tomika and Summer listed terrible things Justin and Night Lizard had done. 
  • Oatmeal Joe is a spoof on Sloppy Joe. 
  • Summer left School of Rock to join the rival band, Night Lizard
  • This is the second episode where the whole band breaks up; the first being Leader of the Band
  • This is the first and only appearance of Justin in Season 3


  • "Outta My Head" by School of Rock



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